Rental Property Investing 101 – Get Started for less than $45k; 970 Selwyn & 7807 Wentworth

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8 thoughts on “Rental Property Investing 101 – Get Started for less than $45k; 970 Selwyn & 7807 Wentworth”

  1. Excellent properties and as always the video presentation was great! You mentioned Metro has pledged money to the 44102 area and said there was link to show what they are doing I believe? I didn't see that link. Is it in one of the other links? I would like to know what they are doing. I know Cleveland Clinic and UH have done the same in their areas and would like to get in on Metro's. Thanks for all the content. Looking forward to doing some deals soon.

  2. Both of these look like potentially solid buys. Why are the sellers looking to unload these properties? Also, how long have the tenants been in place in each of them?

  3. Iv'e noticed that most duplex's are built in the 1920's. Besides updating the plumbing, electric, etc… what is the typical condition of the foundation and the underground sewer lines of a 100 year old home?

  4. Question: Normally, for these properties by Holton-Wise from the videos, do we only have one option to buy direct from Holton-Wise? or, we can have our own representative to help us with the purchase? Thanks,

  5. I've been in Cleveland about a year and a half now. I moved here from Los Angeles. I definitely would like to start investing in rental properties here. Not only have I subscribed to your channel, but I pay attention and don't just click away after 2 minutes. LOL. You have good stuff on your videos that are very informative!

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