Rental Property Investing (Exactly How) .

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  1. I'm 31 dam that's intense u can u guys read this I literally jus it happened I am so not sure how this all happened it's like manefested on me I DNT under stand how this happened it's a gift for the stuff I went thru I no it sounds weird I dnt realy no how I did I yea it was jus happening as I went thru totally I need my history notes yea I'm clue less to most of this ye that's wat I do I help plle improve them self's well helping them better them self helping there stress levels yea I admire u guys my mind is a insane amount of info I Wana start w apartment buildings watabout high price homes I'm guna have wel off pple renting rooms I have no dept that's wat I Wana do pay off all28 million dollar house the areas prime do we ever realy own our homes your welxome yea that's a good way to look at it isn't have kids yea parents usualy at more responsible it woulda never happened the same an I had to do it that's all I no an it manefested in me the effort goes along way I new eventually it would work 25 late the lion the witch an the wardrobe I love magnito think wat other plle are thinken yea aee ya always I love ur pod cast thanks for the value insite

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