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34 thoughts on “REVIEW CORONADO SPRINGS RESORT! Walt Disney World”

  1. Great review – beautiful resort. My 9 yo loved the Dig Site pool, slide etc. I loved peaceful walks around the lake. Can't wait to stay here again.

  2. We stayed once before refurb, & it was a hike! We're staying in the tower next trip – super excited! I agree with you that I like the new decor much better!

  3. We can not wait to stay for 7 nights at Coronado Springs next year. We have "not fancied it", but after the reviews we are going for it. Stayed at Pop, Caribbean Beach twice, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Port Orleans French Quarter so expecting great things. 7 nights Coronado Springs and then 7 nights at Universals Endless Summer Resort…. cant wait. Great vlog and info about the resort. 🙂

  4. We’re booked in for September next year. I’m taking 3 teenagers and a 1 year old so we wanted somewhere not as Disney themed as the other hotels but needed things for the one year old to do. We also wanted to be as close to Animal kingdom as possible so this hotel is going to be perfect for us. All my kids are so excited. Last holiday for us all. Not sure how it will be flying from England with a 1 year old 😂

  5. I made a reservation to stay at the Coronado but took the free "upgrade" to a villa.  WHAT A BIG MISTAKE! Had to change rooms 3 times.  We checked in late at night and got 1 room that was not cleaned, 1 room that had a broken toilet, and 1 room that was so far away from everything it didn't feel safe. It was a very hard start but ended up being a nice trip in the end.  Maybe I'll give Coronado Springs a try next time.  Instagram disneyonmymind365

  6. Coronado Springs looks amazing!!! I will definitely consider staying here next time we go, thanks for the in-depth review! By the way, my instagram handle is rck.ncsualumni for the great giveaway!!!

  7. We stayed at Coronado Springs about 12-13 years ago and actually loved our stay then. Excited about all of the renovations and expansion. Great review! And really enjoy all of your videos. ☺️
    Instagram name: pinksky0911

  8. Thank you for a review of a moderate resort — might add this resort for a possible stay. I tend to stay at the Deluxe resorts for the quiet pools, but this quiet pool and the new restaurants look great.

  9. Coronado was the first resort my husband and I stayed at 😊 We have been in the Caistas and Ranchero but love being a little closer the main building. Can't wait for our October trip. We'll be staying in the Tower!!! So excited!!!!

  10. Couldn't agree more! I avoided this resort for ages and dissuaded others from staying there calling it "conventiony". Due to price/availability, I found myself there in 2012 and fell in love with it. The ONLY Moderate with a Fitness Center! I've never cared for the food court area so hopefully it has gotten better, but Maya Grill was a decent option for dining. Loved your description of the bus service and how it feels much smaller on the inside than on the circumference–that's an excellent point.. Oh, and Woot Woot to Scottsdale! That's where I live these days.

  11. I’ve stayed at Coronado Springs thee times over the years. I like the more “adult” vibe but found the food hit or miss. Curious how the new tower will impact the pools and transportation. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Toledo is the restaurant at the top of the tower. Villa del Lago is the over-water restaurant. Look forward to trying both soon!

  12. Hi Jen, how are the mattresses in terms of comfort. Are they more on the soft side or very firm? I've read that in some resorts beds can be quite hard. I'm hoping they are more on the soft side. Thank you so much for doing this review.

  13. Hey Jen, two questions… Disney related, but not Coronado… Though, the wife and I stayed there pre-remodel, and loved it; so, it can only be that much better now!
    1. Are you going to tour/review Riviera?
    2. Where did you get the DVC Magic Band clip?

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