Review of the Bali Hotel – Indian tourists Whatsapp video

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21 thoughts on “Review of the Bali Hotel – Indian tourists Whatsapp video”

  1. Not only tourist those also (from & around India) who are residing in the US & UK also make too much noise in the theatre & public places. And you see paan stains anywhere. This is in genes and because of that even decent folks gets a bad name. Hello and thank you is a basic courtesy abroad which very few follows.

  2. The review is biased, supporting for wrong doing.

    I will also like to include the fact that who ever uploaded the viral video should not had defamed the family. They should have kept their identity a privacy by blurring faces.

    I know shower gels and soaps are prishable goods, but think about it when it cost your own business. The hotel guests are expected to pay for the room and using it's amenities within hotel premises. Or if you really want to take some shower gels as a gift back home, better buy it from a local shop, sure it will cost a few dollar but you will be contribution towards the society.

  3. Bath soap shower gel cofee ya tea, yeh use kerne ko di jaati hai aap use karo, saath le jao, ya wahin chhod ones care. But don't take which belongs to hotel.
    Isse aapki personality pata chalti hai.

  4. Does anyone know the Clintons were near bankrupt in the late 90's and amassed a wealth of over 300 million to date under government salary? Can anyone explain that? I challenge anyone to come up with 300 million in less than 15 years without having/running a business of their own. India is the way it is as the 'stealing' culture is historically rampant, mostly among leaders and authorities who are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding their duties. So, what's the connection in these 2 observations? – We let people in high places go scott-free and keep giving them undue respect, while we admonish and rebuke ordinary people for less ordinary crimes. How many people commenting here has paid their taxes in full or not participated in bribe of some kind or paid money to get work done or used influence to get things done all the while leaving those ahead in line, waiting for their due?

  5. How is this ok ??? Such acts creates embarrassment for those indians living overseas … i am living in indonesia and fucking my staff keep posting same kind of videos on group chat …

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