Richard Ayoade Reacts to Nish Kumar’s “Butt Problems” | Travel Man

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22 thoughts on “Richard Ayoade Reacts to Nish Kumar’s “Butt Problems” | Travel Man”

  1. . . I will tell you my story read it to the last on you god I swear to God im a loyal guy on TV I swear to God my dream is to be yuteber God is a witness who comes and one participant is happy I wish you support me and I will get you to the neighbors in cold go up and share my channel I am bored god make you happy I swear to God we dont know anything I am begging you support I dont have a thing again I will have more

  2. you don't have to say ''sorry'' to the painting, that guy's seen it ALL. made it all too! so Nish's self diagnosed IBS is no surprise to the guy in the painting……

  3. Finally figured out why I can't stand Richard!! It's not because he is over 40 keeping up with the same gimmick for past 20 years with a whiney voice and nit picking everything around him, it's his unwillingness to let another man be seen as funny, don't know if he suffers from autism or not but it's hard for me to like a man who never laughs or acknowledges humour in others, something is not right with that man lol I liked him in IT Crowd though

  4. "Is this what we they put in bombs?"
    "I don't know I've never made a bomb so I don't know the composition of it."
    "Good answer we're actually undercover police."

    Conversations in a soap shop.

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