Right To Travel Rant/Protest At The DMV

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26 thoughts on “Right To Travel Rant/Protest At The DMV”

  1. I have so many points on this video that is made of solid gold. I start with, that I wish every time I went to the DMV, some water-head would start ranting and the being accosted by Wayne Newton. All the while rambling some incoherent nonsense about maritime law. The elderly gentlemen was on the verge of throwing those liver spotted hands. Old men have the special ability of retard strength, google it.

  2. When will sovereigns learn you argue in court, not in an office with a clerk or on the roadside with a police officer. Once you lose in court you follow the law and move on with your life.

  3. I've seen other videos like this, where some loudmouth is disrupting a meeting or whatever; the people in charge can't (or are too afraid to) do anything about the loudmouth, so they start going after other people in attendance for minor infractions.

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