Road trip hacks with kids! Best travel tips, tricks, and hacks

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42 thoughts on “Road trip hacks with kids! Best travel tips, tricks, and hacks”

  1. sigh that bump shot caught me off guard and gave my heart a lurch. We lost our identical twins suddenly early on. Second miscarriage in six months, but this time we saw the heartbeats.

  2. We travel with a “treasure box” (gift wrapped Dollarstore items). When they are being good so we can concentrate on driving they each get to pick an item from the treasure box! Keeps them motivated to behave and let us get to the destination!

  3. Go visit the Five Two Love Family! (Quintuplet Family). They’re in St George. Would love to see your two families together!
    maybe they can give you and you guys do a multiple babies advice video 🙂

  4. Great tips! We follow many of these not just for vacations but our kids play travel sports and the tournaments or even drives to games 2 hours away often mean eating out. Many of these tips are great for sports ~ thanks for these!!

  5. Hats down! Live you Jordan! Can we get those planners internationally, plz make them available on amazon for international shipping. Oh and show us how the vacation goes. Much respect.

  6. I absolutely love your videos, talk about the excitement once I see a new video! Your personality is the best ever! I adore your family and girl don't get me started on your amazing marriage with Bubba! You are truly blessed!!

  7. Bless you child ! What a great mom you are ! I'm impressed with your UBER organization ! How do you fit all this, plus 6, soon to be 8 kids in any one vehicle? Your going to need a bus lol !
    Anyway, I'm sharing this video with my son. He has his hands full with just one for year old !

  8. The microfibre towels are genius, apart from a bulk pack of microfibre cloths you can use for everything. Sometimes you can also find zippable IKEA BAGS or similar in dollar stores, really great.

    And there are vacuum bags you can use without a vacuum cleaner. Saves up tons of space for items you don't have to grab in-between.

    For adult avid readers, get an ebook reader, saves tons of space.

    I also have one of these little essential oil rollers with a calming oil like lavender. You quickly dab your wrists and sniff them a little and it is very calming without having to spray something around. Essential oil sounds weird/esoteric at times, but they really work. Citrus like tangerine e.g. is really mood-lifting, other smells are more comforting. It can also give sensitive kids that are shy about new experiences something constant they can have around on a napkin or piece of cloth to ground them. Or their plush animal can have a neck bandana with it, etc. For me smell was always making a big comfort difference as a kid.

  9. I bought an electric cool box which pretty much works as a fridge. It plugs into the car and mains. I also got an electric lunchbox which is essentially a steamer. I have special dietary requirements that make eating out stressful and a nightmare so I prefer to always bring my own food with me and those are the two items I use. I take pre cooked food so it's faster to heat up in the steamer. I've even made hot chocolate in it! If I was going away for more than a couple of nights I'd get somewhere with a kitchen but most of my trips are weekends. The cool box wasn't cheap but so worth it for peace of mind and I'm sure I've saved money on not eating out with the amount I've used it!!

    As I'm away fairly regularly I keep my toiletries bag packed with shampoo, etc. so all I have to do is grab it and don't have to worry about packing that up.

    And I take a 5m extension lead for plug sockets because they're never where you want them to be and it gives you more sockets!!!

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