Romantic Birthday Beach Vacation!

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44 thoughts on “Romantic Birthday Beach Vacation!”

  1. I would love to see you accomplish the school for underprivileged children. So wonderful!!!! You are such an amazing person! Erik is so very supportive!! Love you two together ❤️

  2. i choose not to watch family channels, who build their little blessings into a 'business' and raising babies with cameras poked in their faces for the public is not cool. private moments lost to the internet. coin.

  3. I run a theatre group for young performers, and it brings me the greatest joy. I’ve got 46 young performers working on Frozen Jr. right now with 6 students learning backstage production and 3 students learning stage management this semester! It’s the best of the best! ❤️

  4. When Colleen said that she wanted to build a performing arts school for kids I thought of where I go to school it is a public arts middlehigh school it’s called Cab Calloway School of the Arts it was founding by the performer Cab Calloways daughter so yeah fun fact

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