ROMANTIC THAILAND ❤ Couples Vacation in Phuket + Pha Nga Bay (James Bond Island)

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48 thoughts on “ROMANTIC THAILAND ❤ Couples Vacation in Phuket + Pha Nga Bay (James Bond Island)”

  1. Great spot Nadine 👍 A couple of years ago we stayed at Surin Beach which is just over the hill from Bangtao Beach. We went to Bangtao for a day and loved it! I think we actually hung out right in front of the resort you stayed at.

  2. Hey Nadine, I know Thailand is super cheap & would love to visit for the first time. Do you have a video on Thailand budget travel going over how much you will need for 1-2 weeks? I know it depends on the activities but just what to expect money wise.

  3. So glad you and Matt had some time to relax together. Glad you're taking time on each other and not just work. Really enjoying seeing more of Matt in your videos. Thank you for taking us along!

  4. Amazing video both of you!! Question did you ever feel like Thailand or Singapore was unsafe at all? I love traveling but unfortunately I worry a lot about safety. Keep up the great work Nadine!!

  5. You're beautiful gorgeous funny and sweet Nadine. You're boyfriend is also very lucky to have you. I have also been to Phuket and it's lovely and beautiful and I would love to go there again oneday.

  6. Loved this video! Great vibe, nice shots and it felt so natural… It's exactly the kind of travel content I like☺ I can also totally relate to getting distracted by the cat, lol

  7. My gosh, enough with the techno music . . . pretty please? I know it's suposed to be 'hip' (?) but dang, can't we hear a little more local flavor or nature sounds, maybe street music 🙂

  8. Looks beautiful! Many years ago, I had a 7-night free Club Med stay (not including airfare) and almost went there. Then I came to my senses and instead of flying 20= hours and paying over $1000, I ended up going to the Club Med in Turks & Caicos with a 4-hour flight and a $300 airfare. It was my first solo vacation and I loved it !!!

  9. I went to this place this February and at the end of the tour, while coming back to Phuket they called Eagles using music and whistle. It was magical, did you get to see the eagles?

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