Ronnie Needs Help + A Meatball is Born | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

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32 thoughts on “Ronnie Needs Help + A Meatball is Born | Jersey Shore Family Vacation”

  1. Ron needs to make better choices! Go to court, get custody of your child and leave that toxic trash bag Jen alone…its not that hard! Or you can choose to stay and get beat up and have your daughter see this garbage…thw choice is yours! Choose better!!!

  2. Ronnie looks worse in these seasons then what he did when they first started this show. Being in a toxic relationship is not worth waking up feeling bad about yourself or not even looking forward to living another day. I hope he gets the help he needs, sticks with it, changes, & does what’s best for him like his father said also his daughter. & I am so glad Deena to me is the only one that came out different from Angelina, Jenni, & Nicole because I wish as parents they would cut it with this show & make themselves a normal family. I’m glad Deena has changed & gotten herself away from that lifestyle congratulations & God bless to your baby! ❤️

  3. Congrats Deena and Chris he’s beautiful!! Ron’s dad is right! He’s the boy who cried wolf it happens over and over and he keeps coming back for more. I hope his dad does get. Through to him. That baby deserves one sane parent

  4. Everyone saying Ronnie “deserves this” him and Sammie fought but at the end they always made up and they where genuinely happy Sammie would go just as crazy as Ron but Ron isn’t even happy you can tell by the look on his face this relationship he has is super toxic with a lot of physical abuse and he is enduring all of it so he can be part of his daughters life nobody deserves that poor Ronnie is basically trapped Sammie was never trapped.

  5. Jen is obviously toxic but we also watched him for years in a toxic relationship with Sammie. He has a quick temper and and can be extremely immature and petty in these situations. The guy needs to get some help, not always be in a relationship. And possibly him and jen after they work on themselves they could actually co parent in a healthy manner where that poor little girl isn't a product of their toxicity.

  6. Idk. I am not going to judge Jen and I will take what they say about her with a grain of salt. I know it looks bad, but we all know Ron is verbally and mentally abusive….he is no saint. Just look at the whole Ron and Sam relationship that we had to watch for several seasons. They brought out the worse in each other and Sam had to take a mini break from the show because of him. This is just a repeat on roids. Sam went on to being in a healthy and happy relationship it seems. Ron is the common denominator. He needs to stay single for a while and work on himself. I am not excusing Jen and what she did because she is in the wrong for letting it get physical as well. But, they are toxic together and clearly, shouldn't be a couple. I reframe from judging Jen because it's easy to see her as the monster when Ron is only telling his side of the story. People act out of character when being emotionally and verbally abused. Who knows?? Maybe, Ron could have been in her face, screaming at her, and making her feel like dirty. People snap in those situations. Obviously, Ron needs a lot of help and I feel like being in these shows don't help his situation. I wish him, Jen, and the baby good luck and I hope they find happiness.

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