Roosevelt Hotel Abandoned Footage Paranormal Investigations P1 My Haunted Diary

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49 thoughts on “Roosevelt Hotel Abandoned Footage Paranormal Investigations P1 My Haunted Diary”

  1. 24:14………….. I've had the same experience during a night to the location of Le Vigan, France, around year 1992. I was in my bed, further of the sink, and soudainly the water is come up alone into the faucet, but it was impossible open because, he haven't no cross on this one. For to close this one, I've utilized a becro clamp!

  2. Ok first at 3:53 if you stop and look at Sids right eye (really his left eye) you see like a cross or a serpent eye ,what the ?, Anyways those rooms look great that cabana suit is all me baby and Marilyn of course !

  3. Just discovered you and really enjoyed this video! I will subscribe after I leave my comment. James, in the event you ever go back to the Roosevelt and attempt to talk to Montgomery Clift, he went by “Monty”. I don’t believe anyone actually called him Montgomery. Keep that in mind when speaking to him, he may respond!?

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  5. Some amazing phenomena captured there. That full spectrum camera sequence was transfixing – it was like the human figure appeared through the wall and retreated through it again when you moved closer. You have rapidly become my favourite paranormal researcher, and I look forward to watching more!

  6. Thanks for sharing your trip ! –
    Was gonna mention that the ceramic tiles on the uprights of the stairs as uou were walking up to MC's floor – looked like they could do with a good wipe down or a clean ?
    But with the renovation being done is probably the cause ?
    It'susually good thart renovation is being done as it seems to stir those spirits for some reason !
    Once again Thankyou !

  7. I stayed here back in 2007 on a 4 day trip. A competition I'd won on a radio show.. what an amazing hotel but.. what a horrific vision I had. I knew nothing of but had the most awful dream/vision I've ever had of a very young girl dying in the most horrific way. I won't go into detail as it was just awful.. Anyway After waking getting dressed etc the hubby told me.I looked I'll…. told him what had happened that night… I went down spoke and hung out with the manager at the time and told him what I envisioned he asked me to describe all I'd seen and I'd described a young girl that is seen a LOT around the hotel, down to a tee ! I saw exactly how she died and.why. and the staff felt some ease as no one knew anything about this girl yet I think I helped them to figure out why she was there. Yes her life was taken from her, she was a guest with her parents, and I believe her little body is still there and is yet to be found. I'm praying that some sort of closure for this child does come to her and finally rest her little spirit and allows her to stop looking foe her.mum and help her rest in peace…. maybe she homed in on me as I have 4 daughers, who knows but god bless little one and I'm so so sorry in what you went through.. xx

  8. Check out, : '' THE GHOST OF GLADSTONE VILLA''. A genuine case that occurred in Wales, UK from 1969 to 1978. This property actually convinced a skeptic and a non believer so it's well worth looking into and needs to be well documented !!

  9. Have you ever documented the Chelsea Hotel? The owner back in the 70s and 80s let real eccentric people live their for super low rent or for free. A few well known people from NYC nightlife like club kid Christina Superstar died there and Sid Vicious gf Nancy was killed there. Lots of other NY nightlife artsy types lived there. Eccentrics. I heard it was very infested with lots of activity. You should go there.

  10. Considering how expensive it is to stay there, it's one ugly building. If I had paid $1500 per night I would be asking for my money back. I've seen more luxurious 2* hotels. Not impressed at all. Your vid however was interesting with good evp and that apparition was amazing. Clearest I've ever seen.

  11. Great video edited! Thank you so much for your time to add subtitile to the video! Helping me alot to learn English! Keep in mind That’s your competitive advantage over others show to have more viewers from many others country!

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