Route 66…or Namibia?! Solitaire Junk Car Graveyard and Travel Stop

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  1. Namibia was a German colony until after WW1, when it came under South African rule until independence in 1990.
    Most of the trucks are American. The Ford Zephyr saloon (sedan) is a Mk 2, built in Dagenham, England, between 1956 & 1962. The other British RHD saloon is BMC "Farina", probably an Austin A60 Cambridge or a Morris Oxford, built in the 1960s. The Morris Eight Tourer is a series 1, built between 1934 & 1938.

  2. …..You can find Moose McGregor on the internet. He was a pastry chef known (to tourists and locals) for his apple strudel. He loved the isolation and the incredible views of the stars at night. He passed away in Solitaire after experiencing shortness of breath while his friends tried to get him to the hospital…..

  3. Vehicles in order. Some are impossible to tell without grills but others are pretty straight forward. Virtually all are USA vehicles but some have subtle differences that makes me think they were made in non US factories(Australia?)
    1956 Ford Pickup
    1939 Hudson 112
    1930ish Fordson tractor
    1958ish Ford Zephyr
    1959 Ford Pickup (not USA made, Australia maybe?)
    1950ish Chevrolet 1-2ton Truck
    1952 Ford 1-2ton Truck
    1960-70ish Mercedes Benz
    1920's Ford Model T
    1935ish Morris Minor 8

  4. Yes America made many cars right hand drive for Africa including in order Ford F1, Hudson, zepher (Ford made), chevy truck without bed sides, and other truck's, Mercedes. Then a ford truck. Flatbed straight six, finally the morris is European.

  5. The Hudson was manufactured from 1909 until 1954. When I was 5 my father, mother, and myself drove to Detroit, Michigan just before WWII to pick up a new '40 or '41 at the Hudson factory. It was the only new car my dad purchased during his 96 year lifetime. He got it in his favorite color, maroon.

  6. The cars and trucks you showed us, are American.
    Right hand drive is made, for those vehicles made for those markets that drive on the left side of the road. I grew up with these vehicles. That engine in that truck, was a straight 6 cylinder. Morris is related to the current Mini Cooper. Morris Minor is part of the Morris name. World wide, hundreds of different types and models by different automotive companies are made, in many different countries. Motorcycles, now, are also made in different countries by different motorcycle companies. In the USA, we have vehicles, that other countries have. Just different names. And all countries, have some vehicles, that May not be seen in other countries. Example, VW and Mercedes make many different models of cars, trucks, SUV, etc that are not seen here in the USA. Or at least not in the mainstream. And ditto elsewhere. Ditto for all the other vehicle companies.
    Left and right hand drive is made for the market, that certain vehicle is headed for, 99% of the time. Exceptions do happen. Hope this helps. Watch other videos on YouTube, where they are from other countries.

  7. WH, thank you for going there. I will never be able to do something like that. I will do what I can to give you some financial support. Keep exploring and letting us live your experience with you.

  8. All the cars are American made right hand drive including the Fordson tractor. The Hudson was a fairly fancy car that is also American. The old truck was an old Ford. The Morris is also American.

  9. I'm sorry if I offended anybody earlier today on my comments unfortunately I have cancer and I have no supervision and I'm on morphine and I get sometimes a little rowdy and I just want to say I'm sorry for my outburst I apologize to whoever I might have offended there's some days I wish it would just end but unfortunately I'm still here we're fortunate however you want to look at it it sucks I have pancreatic cancer I have a lung cancer I had melanoma and lost my eye I have diabetes I'm on powerful drugs and I'm sorry if I offended anybody I'm truly sorry thank you oh yes and I do love wonderhussy she's so cool and she goes to the neatest places

  10. The 1 ton flat bed is a 1935 Chevrolet with a rare 207 OHV engine . The car with stubby fins I think is Russian. The convertible I want to say Morgan but the knock offs suggest  Audi  . The Fordson tractor came from Ireland. The Fords from South America The prize is the Hudson ….. WHY ? Where else are you going to take them ?

  11. you comment finally a automobile in reality they're all American cars and trucks every single one of them Hudson Hawk a Chevrolet truck a Ford truck to Ford trucks actually 3 Ford trucks they will flatbeds afford to brush up wonderhussy which one but thank you for such a great video me and Jacob loved it

  12. The blue cab only truck is a 1953 to 1955 ford F100, with right hand drive, it was more then likely made for export but I don't think it was made in the states, maybe Australia.

  13. Watch the first cars movie the old car is a hudson. Fordson is ford and made in multiple places for a while. USA manufactures built vehicles in other countries and also built right habd drive to export and some for mail delivery.. Ford was in the UK and sent vehicles to all there territories, that zephyr is UK..

  14. Hudson was a very good old American make. My Dad was given a 1948 Hudson Commodore 8 sedan by my Grandfather. My dad drove that vehicle all over the Western United States when he was a traveling salesman. He put 3 or 4 hundred thousand miles on that car.

  15. Mr. Gord Baker mentioned this, but at 8,30, that is a straight 6 not straight 12. twelve rocker arms, each cylinder has 2 valves. My dad only taught me 2 things here in Texas, how to repair and overhaul engines and how to Track, kill and eat wild game…lol OH Sarah…love you work. STAY safe. Greg Smith

  16. very interesting place and moose seems like he was a pretty cool guy. the first two trucks were fords as was the other flatbed. wood was used between the frame and whatever aftermarket body was mounted on it. hudson was an old american car company that died in 1957. each cylinder has two valves so that's a straight six. thanks for the tour

  17. We send American brand cars, RH & LH drive, by the boat load all over the world. I was stumped on many, but the Hudson was way cool. Remember, it was a Hudson that coached Speed McQueen out of his slump and on to the Piston Cup Championships in the movie Cars?

  18. As always, it's interesting exploring with you. My grandfather drove a Hudson in the early 1950's. I was so little at the time the car seemed gigantic. Looking at the car in your video it's not so big… Thanks for the video always entertaining….

  19. american vehicles. any vehicle can be either left hand drive or right hand drive. not that hard to manufacture that way. cool video. continue having fun. you have my permission. ha!!

  20. That first bluish truck's an old Ford…'54—'55 maybe…Yes they did, Love. U.S. car makers have been selling all over the world for quite some time. Watch the movie "cars",
    Babe…"The Judge" was a Hudson. I think the tractor is a Fordson. That was a U.S. brand too. Don't know what the stripped out car is, but the next truck looks like a "corn binder".
    That's International Harvester to the lay folks(8-). The old Chevy truck could be anywhere from '48 to '54…maybe '55. No idea on the one just after that last Ford truck. No…
    that's a straight six…two valves per cylinder…intake and exhaust. That's either another corn binder of an old Chevy. The bef's gone except for scraps. But there are companies
    making wooden truck beds yet today. Morris is British, I think. You need one of those all fixed up to got to the grocery store in.

    Knocked it out of the park, Darlin'. Great video(8-).

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