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  2. Stay diligent even in the USA. So many shootings at schools, churches, bible study classes, shopping malls, county fairs, country music concerts, night clubs. In Mexico 95% of killings have to do with cartels fighting and killing those involved. Here in the states all the mass shootings kill innocent children ECT. Mexico very seldom has mass shootings. Very sad for the 🇺🇸

  3. Buy a 12 volt effects fogger and fill it with ammonia water. Install under the vehicle and add a motion detector. It will go off when people get too close. The ammonia fumes will make anyone back off.

  4. Add bleach and ammonia to a separate windshield wiper sprayer and hook it to a misting hose that goes all the way around your vehicle around the top edges. Anyone getting close will not be able to withstand the deadly fumes.

  5. Boil some cayenne pepper and strain the water and put it into a super soaked water gun. Or fill with bleach. Personally I taped 2 soakers together, one with bleach and the other with ammonia.
    Together they make something similar to mustard gas.
    Spray and run like hell. The fumes can knock you out and kill you.

  6. thats funny a car accident cannot be prevented unless you are not in a car but going into a country that is known for kidnapping, killing, rape, sex slaves and everything else is in your control you have a choice not to do it…mexico is a hell hole and those people dont care about you or anything they just want what you have they are all criminals wake up.

  7. From someone who grow up in Laredo, Texas, "The Gateway to Mexico", and who would cross the border on a Saturday night to go to the clubs in high school beacuse the leagual age to drink in Mexico is 18, and they really don't card you, you learn a few tricks along the way to stay safe. 1) Don't act like a tourist and 2) Always speak the language. Mexico is such a beautiful country and I have family that I love to visit when I have the time.

  8. I appreciate you all sharing My heart also goes out to the family of those cruelly killed in Padre Island. So tragic and senseless. 
    Thank you for all your tips. I also want to be clear that the perpetrator was not a Mexican. He tried to use Mexico to hide in. I too am contemplating safety as I am a solo traveller. I feel America is incredibly violent and have actually felt more heart and peace in my time and friendships in Mexico yet I am aware of the volatile times we are living in and it is so important to be aware of ones surroundings and the climate heightened at this time. I definitely feel more vulnerable. I agree with you re not being afraid to journey. Blessings and peace and safe travels to you all
    I too use wasp spray

  9. I don't like fake stickers or dog sounds. This undermines the believably of people who have the real stuff and in reality doesn't give you any real security anyway. I never boon dock by myself and always stay in RV parks with good reputations, plus like you said, I stick to the tourist areas, I don't "need" to see that other stuff. As a part timer, it is easier for me to stay safe. I feel for you full timers that are trying to save money so you can keep the life going. I love the idea of wasp spray! Thank you for the information about inviting a fight. I would have though "protected by Smith and Wesson", if you really have a gun, would be a good idea. I totally get where you are coming from. Thank you for the great videos, keep up the great work and stay safe.

  10. Like anywhere in the world there are unsafe places. We spend our winters in the Rio Grande valley of Texas within 5 miles of Mexico. It is very safe here and we often go across into Progresso, Mexico. The couple that was killed and their camper stolen were in an isolated location over 200 miles north of the boarder and the people who have been arrested in the case were from Utah. We travel with our dogs. Thanks for the tips.

  11. i am NOT here to start a fight the NEWS got this wrong the caravan was NOT at all affiliated with the "Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints" i am a member of the church the ones that was attacked and killed was a polygamist group. but it don't matter who it is this is wrong and our heart goes out to them. please take this nice i love your channel and i get alot of good info on it i just wanted to help you get it right.

  12. You both are right we should never have fear. Our gut feeling is the best Mother instinct we all have. Praying that Our GODs armor protects us all from harms ways. Safe travels to all . Thank you for sharing.

  13. There is nothing in Mexico that I am that interested in seeing. Too damn dangerous down there. Just ask the mormons.By the way not many people climbing over the fence southbound because they can't wait to get in.

  14. Good topic. I live in San diego and imagine I missed you 2 while you were here. Next time in town, please feel free to reach out and we'll catch a beer. I also know where you can get the best burger in town… Rocky's Crown Point. .Don't miss it! Happy travels.

  15. I have lived 8 miles from the Tijuana border for the past 40 years. In the early days I would cross the border
    A few times a month. I never had any problems. But in they last 20 years I have not cross the border into Mexico
    It is not a safe place.

  16. It is not safe in Mexico, I promise you, I have spent a career investigating cartels. The entire landscape HAS changed! I deal with it in real life. Cartels know that kidnepping = money! Read the State department warnings, please

  17. I travel with a German Shepherd, with a sign on my door “You might get in but you won’t get out”. On my windshield, a picture of my German Shepherd with an American flag “Patriot to the Bone”! Anyone that comes close to my motor coach, you know I have a German Shepherd!

  18. My advice to increase your safety is FORGET visiting Mexico. The police are corrupt, and evil abounds everywhere. I'm glad you have never had an issue. If you get caught with a gun in Mexico, you're in big trouble. If you have never been in a Mexican jail, it's absolutely hell. You'll be sharing a cell with 25 drunks in an outside jail with the smell of vomit and excrement, having one toilet with no privacy, and hopefully it works. The risk is high and it's best to simply AVOID MEXICO like the plague.

  19. I carry a key fab that makes a loud noise. An air horn that is only a couple dollars in the party section of Walmart will also make enough noise to attract attention. Criminals do not like attention.

  20. I understand you mean well and the majority of these tips are fantastic! However I don’t think you should be suggesting bleach as a stay deterrent. There is a reason why the police academy has their students get sprayed by pepper spray. There is a good chance that the wind will blow just right and reverse the spray back at the sprayer, or other things could lead to honest people getting sprayed on accident. Bleach can permanently blind someone!! Please don’t use bleach people!!

    I love your channel, you two are so cute and goofy! I hope you get to read this because I’m concerned!

    Stay well!!!

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