Ryan Pace on roster: There's no pressing huge needs

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47 thoughts on “Ryan Pace on roster: There's no pressing huge needs”

  1. A fucking real kicker!! Don't let coach. Pick. The kicker! He had sympathy. With dat son of bictch! It cost us. The play offs and all games we lost by field goals! Why. Coach!! ???? Bring back. Robbie Gould ! N let him train that new kicker!! Just like. Urlacher help the !! Line backer core!! It's so said! The whole WORLD seen! ? And wonder Ed! Why. He let that. Kicker!! ? Make does kicks!! Is he realated??? To him or family! He married to daughter is he??? Why. Why pace!!??? Do not let him / do not Allow him to pick kicker!!?? Robbie Gould even if it's to hold. Ball n help new kicker!! Fans!! Are all for it!! Robbie got more points than! The whole team!! Reasearch!!!!???

  2. Did everyone hear him Mention Ryan Nall… I told one of these mother Effers that he was going to be in rotation next season…. I specifically said Ryan Nall is a better version of Jordan Howard, it was unfair that he didn't stay on the active roster after the preseason. This dude can flat out ball (Stephen A voice). But once he gets some carries next season I don't want to see people start jumping on the bandwagon.

  3. Robbie!.. Robbie!… Robbie!… Robbie!.. Robbie!.. Robbie!… Robbie!… Robbie!..Robbie!.. Robbie!… Robbie!… Robbie!..Robbie!.. Robbie!… Robbie!… Robbie! make it happen pace for the city of CHI

  4. "Huge need" is subjective and arguable. The Bears do, however, have priority needs at S, CB, OL, RB, and K. Clinton-Dix is only on a 1-year deal, Amukamara (will be 30 next season) has an escalating cap hit of $10 mil and a UFA after 2020, Kyle Long isn't dependable to stay healthy and Bears have a very short bench behind him (Sowell, Coward, Larsen UFA after next season).

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