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26 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Fold thoughts, iPhone XI stove – Travel Pocketnow Daily Recap”

  1. No, no, no guys if you want to expand upon that idea how about an s pen with a periscopic optical zoom lens with the option of using the phone as the viewfinder…

    Yes this would require a completely knew high bandwidth low energy standard for our s pen also the weigh would be slightly increased as well as the battery potentially threatening it's practicality.

  2. What do you mean what will the s pen mean if it has a camera it is going be the front facing camera that's the whole point of it. I hate it when youtubers act stupid and don't realize what it's going to be for.

  3. Just a wish, I wish the galaxy note 10 would be on the top of the phone and also has a camera, so, everytime you want to use it or take a selfie you'd just pop from the top.

  4. What do you mean by different spens? The Note has interchangeable nibs in the box, soft and hard. If you don't like the little thin pen, you can buy the steadler spen or the bigger spen from the galaxy tabs also work on the note.

  5. The fold fiasco only occured for one reason. No actual user testing on the hinge, just stimulated testing. Hence why we didnt see any prior leaks, and now Samsung is paying the price.

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