San Salvador Travel Guide – Welcome to El Salvador | 90+ Countries with 3 Kids

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41 thoughts on “San Salvador Travel Guide – Welcome to El Salvador | 90+ Countries with 3 Kids”

  1. Only watching you to walk on the street in El Salavdor, you pushing mi to subscribe your channel. Solo espero que todos los salvadoreños­ nos pongamos las pilas para darles a esos turistas un momento agradable, simpatico. Un momento para que les de ganas de regresar otra vez.

  2. God bless you to visiting my country. Son buenas y bonitas experiencias que esta señora  les da a sus hijas en visitar paises que no son tan turisticos como nuestro querido El Salvador. Que Dios las proteja.

  3. I’m writing from El Salvador right now, going back to USA next week after 3 weeks of wonderful vacation climbing volcanoes, Santa Ana and San Salvador; rent a beautiful property in the beach,; trips on colonial towns and lakes.

  4. WOW Awesome Video of El Salvador San Salvador I lived in the 70's in San salvador my Mother is salvadorian and i am Mexican Born from mexico city,love your videos i just subscribed cheers from Puerto Vallarta Beaches Jalisco Mexico my Sons are Americans as well but i admired all your humble visit to San Salvador thanks Bendicones

  5. Hi! I am so excited that you are visiting El Salvador, my name is Oscar and I am from this beautiful country it's really awesome, I'm glad you guys like El Salvador wish you the best and have fun.

  6. Wow ladies, I'm salvadorean myself and I would not dare to walk downtown and specially those alleys in central market the way you did; I'd be afraid. Also I feel embarrassed that you being a foreigner know more than I do about the buildings and places you showed. Btw the guy behind you at minute 7:00 is saying to the other guy "eat @#$, son of a &$%#* and it sounds loud and clear.

  7. Viva El Salvador, un paraíso, con playas, volcanes, montañas, ríos, lagos, lagunas, islas, aguas termales, pueblos coloniales, pueblos estilo gótico, piscinas de aguas naturales todo en territorio pequeño. Amo a El Salvador 💙

  8. Movies…..about that! my native language is Spanish, but I've lived in the U.S. for so long that I also wanted to go to the movies during my trip to E.S., but none were in English with sub-titles all were dubbed, so I didn't go because I know what the actors sound like and I wasn't gonna like to hear them with different voices. Either way, I came back to the U.S. and went to see Shazam the next day.

  9. I would never go to the Centro
    6:56 first of all I have to many tattoos be there and it is dangerous but I don't know how friking tourist just go walking around like that. I stick to other areas.

  10. I travel to el salvador last month and i Walked most of the time and i never had any problems with the people but i was stop by the police couple times without reason i felt like a criminal they asked for my phone password my personal privacy was violeted i will never come back to shit country

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