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  1. when you are from greece so everything looks so familiar.
    fun fact η λέξη μεράκι δεν χρησιμοποιείται τόσο πολύ τελευταία, but the meaning is top, also you can't find a synonym for this word in english

  2. Wow looks gorgeous!! My family and I want to visit Greece 🇬🇷 we went to Italy and Hawaii this year & we only do 1 BIG TRIP typically but lucked out this year!! What hotels did you guys stay at??

  3. Aww Erica and Evan … you guys do look alike. Just your eyes are very different colors. Welcome! Does Evan plan to drop by in your future videos?. Missed Chey…
    Thanks for sharing your trip, would love to visit Greece again.

  4. omg is this the same place. the DK4L De'arra and Ken went ? it's so pretty. It's so nice seeing you guys spend time with family . and who's older you or your brother ?

  5. First off Erica, your brother is so cute 😘. From what you showed Greece looks beautiful. You two had fun 😋.
    Cheyney, I didn't forget about you. I hope Miami was fun 😋. I liked the end with you two ladies together again. Love the vid. Stay blessed. 💕💕🍻🍻🌈

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