Save MONEY Live A Free simple life with Extended Stay hotels

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34 thoughts on “Save MONEY Live A Free simple life with Extended Stay hotels”

  1. NEWSFLASH::::::::: ESA employees are trained to increase your rate every 2-3 months ( even after your 30 days)
    • your car will get DINGED UP NO MATTER WHERE you park! And if your car is broken Into/ stolen / or if you are injured TRUST ME … you get screwed

    Take the time to study just a few cases … example: houston Texas … a woman was attacked and car jacked as she was entering the side door of the ESA ( airport) location. She was beaten so badly she was still in the hospital when her law suit began. ESA Atty's went along with the case for over a month including having the court reporter and atty's travel to her hospital to get her sworn statements .. went thru obtaining a jury…. the day BEFORE trial began .. ESA filed to dismiss the case on grounds that the woman's Atty filed the law suit using EXTENDED STAY AMERICA and they claimed. That is only the franchise and not the actual owner of the property.. so she fired her Atty and the second Atty filed using the DBA.. which once again.. ESA FILED THAT WASNT THE CORRECT OWNER ..
    \\\ CASE DISMISSED ::: the hospitalized woman OWED the court $11,000/////

    I researched every houston ESA case where a person was injured.. and same thing happened to each one !! Brutal!! They do have clever atty's..

    But living at an ESA you will also have drug dealers / crime / hookers to deal with depending on management.. ESA. Pays the bottom of the salary scale compared to other hotels. And you get what you pay for service wise!

    I stayed at a few ESA's for nearly a year after Harvey destroyed our home. And hotels like that are magnets for thieves who are prowling to break in cars .. ( my husbands tailgate was stolen off of his truck) ESA Claims they aren't responsible .. ( even parked under a camera) and actually when ever a hotel knows they have a habitual crime problem ( and they do not provide a safe environment ) then they are liable ( no matter what disclaimer posted out side). Just remember that ! If that hotel has been trying to hire security or if you look up how many police reports / visits have been to a location. That year or 6 months … if it's more than 4 times a month /// then there is a problem!!!

    Hotels you do not have any TENANT RIGHTS …. you are considered a licensee holder .. your privacy rights are not the same ..

  2. So I'm a trucker who is considering this. However, my situation is a little different as I'd live out of the truck during the week and require a hotel space Friday night-Monday morning. I downsized recently and live very minimally. All my possessions I have are in truck so I don't require the hotel space during the week to house any items. What do you all suggest?

  3. These are an option and it's not a bad option but don't be fooled this is an infomercial and you have to be real careful about which one you stay at and you have to be real clear about a lot of things with extended stay I've stay there I'll stay there again but they're not all the same and the cost can be very exorbitant depending on where you stay and how the contract is written again this is an infomercial…the other thing to be real careful about is some of these are in sketchy areas and there are real sketchy people that sometimes live at these extended stay hotels blast when I stayed out was in a nice area but the floor I lived on there was probably two or three people that have been there long term and then the course they had five or six other people living there also and the day that I was there and they had a complete meltdown and with the cops were called it was a big drama drawer and sometimes you get real nasty people because of all the things that he mentioned now crowded blah blah blah that can happen anywhere but you just have to be careful

  4. Last night I told my fiance I wanted us to stay at a hotel permanently. A lot of people may think it's foolish but I beg to differ. We are getting married soon, I
    1.) Don't want to pay the deposit & first month's rent.
    2.) Pay for an animal deposit + telling what breeds I can have.
    3.) Waiting for a credit check
    4.) Neighbors that are trouble makers or teenagers who are disrespectful.
    5.) Lazy maintenance workers

    Eventually we will get a place but right now I think with both of our incomes it will be fine.

  5. $100/week for food??? WOW… It would take my daughter and I 2 weeks to eat $100 worth of food! But he is a guy though, so I guess there's an appetite difference… LOL

  6. I stay at an ESA in Scottsdale Az. for a month each year to see MLB Spring Training. The hotels down the street (2-3 blocks) are $200-$350 per night. I pay about $50-$60. I love this ESA because it's very clean and in a safe neighborhood. I make my reservation at least 10 months ahead and use my money for other things than an expensive place to sleep. I use my kitchen if I don't want to go out and they have security 24-7. Close to everything you want to see. Once you try ESA I think you'll agree that you get more than your money's worth.

  7. Ok, well convinced, because my mother somehow worked this out when I was younger, but HOW do you do it? How much is it costing you monthly approximately? Which international ones do you recommend for nomads?

  8. Excellent post!. I love ESA because of the flexibility. I just took a great job in LA, coming from San Diego. I never want to be in a year lease again. It was crazy getting the early out and I had to because of the opportunity at hand. At least with ESA, I just booked, paid my pet fee, no credit check, no utilities, free wifi and no more risk than any apartment or neighborhood. Eventually I will get me a little apartment…but I am not in no rush. Thanks for posting!

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