Sawyer Fredericks performs “Window”- Live at City Winery Chicago

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14 thoughts on “Sawyer Fredericks performs “Window”- Live at City Winery Chicago”

  1. Beautiful Sawyer I haven’t been listening to you’re music in awhile then I see you uploaded this so going to finish watching this & watch & listen to you’re other songs…enjoy Chicago & the rest of tour🤗❤️😘🙂, Jen

  2. Just seen you&parsonsfield @the Egg Sunday night(10/28/18) it was my 4th time seeing you this year&you always bring tears to my eyes(happy tears).. Was hoping u would do "How Beautiful" it is my favorite, i think it's the most beautiful song you've written ..Of all my journeys going to concerts &believe me I've been to alot,you young man have captured my soul with your emotional style. .I love everything about you..Thank you for another memorable night..Parsonsfield was great too,they r so unique & they have such great energy &they always make me happy..Until next time..✌keep rocking Sawyer

  3. I listen to you with my eyes closed and you have no idea how amazing it is! Thank you so much Sawyer for singing with such passion you are amazing✨💚👏👏

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