Secret Optimist – Steve Hofstetter (Full free comedy special)

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34 thoughts on “Secret Optimist – Steve Hofstetter (Full free comedy special)”

  1. I haven't laughed like this in a long while James…, Brian…..shit…Steve….I'm sorry. I'm a little frazzled right now, I left the toilet seat up by accident and I am afraid there might be a murder in this house.

  2. that flight attendant is the kind of person in this world that I hate beyond reason. Her fuking lack of brain cells in so infuriating that I hope the last one dies and she just stops fucking breathing so the rest of us don't have to deal with her and the world can be a less stupid and irritating place.

  3. Absolutely funny as fuck, all the way up until he threw gun control in the mix. Then it felt like an Amy Schumer Leather Special 2.0

    Steve, why would you claim that we (gun owners) don’t know shit about owning guns, while your prove yourself to be illiterate on gun ownership and rights of said owners? Cmon man. Is your basis really that there should be more strict background checks…? Fuckin cmon

    Edit; I’ll still slap a like on the video, everything else was great, don’t get me wrong.

  4. Im a new fan and I want to buy tickets for an up and coming show but I'm a bit confused about uour show in nyc:
    Your website shows the show to be a 7pm but even I click 'Buy Tickets' and it sends me to its website which says it's at 10pm. Your name also doesn't appear on the list of comedians for the show. I'd greatly appreciate it if you got back to me, I may just be acting like a dumb ass.

  5. This has become a comfort show for me. If I’m having a bad day, or I want something I know I like on in the background of my day, this has made the shortlist of things I load up.

    I absolutely adore it. Came onto this channel because of the heckler videos but the specials are far and away better.

    Hope you keep up the great work Steve. I’ll be purchasing all your specials as soon as the budget allows. 👍

  6. I took a wrong bag once. I thought there couldn't possibly be an identical bag to mine ever because it was so shitty that it had holes in it, it was all bent, it was red and I got it wrapped in clear plastic. Now, the conveyer belt had about 400 bags on it, most of them were black or silver and maybe 4 of them were wrapped. So naturally, I took 1 of 4 bags that were wrapped and it was a shitty red one. When I got to the hotel I opened it, looked at my friend and said "….this is not my bag". And yes, I paid for the shipping of said bag to the person who owned it.

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