Security Guard Shares Details Of Shooting That Killed, Critically Injured Dallas Officers

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8 thoughts on “Security Guard Shares Details Of Shooting That Killed, Critically Injured Dallas Officers”

  1. White supremacy at its best. They ready to go after security guards and a store but not the police who arent doing their jobs correctly.🙄 i bet if they guys was black the off duty would have patted cuffed and probably shot if its a race soilder. This man did what he was suppose to.

  2. I not sure why the families want to sue me!! I was just Security Officer with no powers of arrest or to perform a pat down: I was not allowed to have my handcuffs, peperspray, or weapon inside HomeDepot at all..but I still ran to my car grabbed all my gear and weapon, ran back through the store in an attempt to stop the shooter from doing anymore damage. I was jumping over gates, walking across water, clearing out store side by side with Dallas Police trying desperately to find and stop the active shooter…
    I replay this moment every day in my I continue to loose sleep, have nightmares, loss of focus, anxiety, lose sleep, no appetite, muscle cramping, numbness and tingling in feet and legs whenever iam under any type of stress..I fear for my life and don't like being in any crowds of people, I get upset easy, and started drinking a lot of alcohol after this shooting event
    .The frustration of trying to deliver a warning but no one cares to listen…well I hope you listening former employer Allied Universal along with Home Depot did not want additional officers in store or to have trained Armed Security such as myself working because of money!! They did not want to pay the extra costs associated with the matter after I called repeatedly 2 days before the shooting and for warned them of the danger level at this store and that I felt unsafe working at An Unarmed assignment. Home depot and Allied Universal place my life and the lives Of Police Officer in danger..and left me to try and fix something that was doomed from the start..God bless all the families that were scarred by this horrible tragedy

  3. IM WILLING TO BET that the cops were LAX because all usa cops are taught and trained and told TO BE LAX AND USE SOFT HANDS on all Spanish or migrant type / possible illegal alien type of persons. which we all know the cops do. ITS NO BIG SECRET GUYS.
    and this CODDLING of migrants is why this happened. to further make it worse, the cops looked like Spanish people. which means the cops PROLLY LET THEIR GUARDS DOWN, thinking a fellow Spanish person is ONE OF THEM CAUSE………………..they all speak Spanish together and have a COMMON BOND.
    that being said, EVEN FAMILY will throw you under the bus so why the heck would A COP TRUST A person based on his race? and hate another based on his race?
    and now how can a guy be detained and while waiting on the cops to arrive, the failed to notice a gun BULGE? really? failed to pat him down?
    another CODDLING of migrant . all the way around. even the usa stores are told to DONT DO ANYTHING to a migrant that MAY UPSET HIM. we don't want those poor migrants upset. even in HILDAGO a cop was killed BY migrant last month and the news BURIED THAT INFO.

  4. Home Depot won't do a damn thing about the hundreds of illegals camped out waiting to get work on a daily basis. Prostitution, drugs thefts, stolen merchandise , robberies. Most of are other illegals that will not call the police.

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