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39 thoughts on “SEOUL Travel Guide, South Korea | Little Grey Box”

  1. Meant to visit S Korea last week but had to postpone till next year because I had to go to Bali for a wedding…by the way this vlog filming is so good wow!!!I luv it…hands down,so worth subscribing to your channel..thks for sharing this beautiful video.

  2. Love this video so much!! Great editing and shots ❤️ Going to Seoul next week and will definitely be checking the spots you shared out!! You also remind me so much of the actress Blake Lively! Holy cow you are beautiful both inside and out.

  3. I enjoyed your beautiful appearance and beautiful video. ^^ My channel provides food and travel information about Korea. I hope it will be helpful for those who are traveling to Korea.

  4. Where did you buy the tickets to the kpop show? i cant find it there, but i have found it on getyourguide and i don't know if it is safe to buy there. I would love to know, i am going to korea to september 🙂

  5. Nice editing……. great explanations!! South Korea and Australia is such a close neighborhood, but I never had a chance to go there. I have been to the USA several times, and I lived in London for a while. I heard Australia is stunning. Whenever I met Aussie when I was traveling, they were so chill and nice. Americans can be cocky a lot of occasions, British people are just not my type, but I think Australians are very down to earth and kind. My next trip will be to somewhere in Australia.

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