Short Term Rental Investing without Owning Property

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26 thoughts on “Short Term Rental Investing without Owning Property”

  1. It is important to consider the risks with any investment style, though. If one is renting a property while trying to also offer the property on AirBNB, it is important to consider the risk that the city may change the rules on short-term renting, which may indeed create a problem.

  2. I'm still discovering a lot of the content late, however the jewels just keep coming. I knew already that I wanted to invest into Airbnb market and this excites me even more just to know of the possibilities. I'm no where close to any of this but I will be armed and ready when the time comes. Good tips also on placing the air hockey and other game type tables in your units. Fun for adults and children always a winner.

  3. Max, I listened to you on an interview on the ‘Bigger Pockets’ podcast & subscribed to your YouTube channel. Thank you for doing this interview with Tommy on Airbnb and short term rentals. 😎 the thing that stood out for me the most is the fact that there are other ways to get short term rentals like partnering with insurance companies etc… I have stayed in a short term rental near the beach & thought about how lucrative that must be when done correctly. Hope to hear more about your course Tommy. Love to learn about entrepreneurship & ways to hustle. Very inspirational. Keep them coming.

  4. I was just thinking about doing this driving seeing all of these high rises I own a cleaning company and we clean several Airbnbs make several thousand a month from that alone wouldn’t mind having my own I’m looking at this as a sign from the most high there are no coincidences

  5. Shalom To The Bros,
    Blessings to Both of You.
    Great Video 😄 !!! I am going to look into to this.
    Tommy I will be contacting you very soon.
    Thanks Bros for This 📹 much💓🙏🙏 💯😄 That's What's Up. !!! Have A Beautiful Blessed Day !!! 😄✌

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