Should I Rent or Buy Where I Live? | Property Investors Podcast #47

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18 thoughts on “Should I Rent or Buy Where I Live? | Property Investors Podcast #47”

  1. Hi I respect you’re views, it’s a great topic, I’m an investor also, I’ve built my portfolio up to a good size and would own where I live for lots of good reasons already mentioned in the comments

  2. Its quite simple. If you are someone who moves around a lot with work etc then renting would be more beneficial.

    If not then buy where you live. You're paying off your own asset. Not to mention you have security. Renting won't get you anywhere.

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  4. Bullshit about 10 or 15% deposit required you can buy with 5% deposits without government schemes.

    Also no one (with at least half a brain) pays the variable rate, 4%, that he states, the 2-3% rate is more appropriate.

    Finally it is well know that the rental rates in London compared with their values is poor so shouldn't be used to guide the rest of the population.

  5. What you're not taking into account is that owning your own place means that you don't have to deal with terrible landlords, which are much, much, more common than you state.

    I can't imagine how much it would piss me off if I was renting my own place while renting out other properties and I had to pay for repairs to my properties (e.g. boiler repairs) when the same repairs weren't being carried out by my landlord.

  6. Renting or buying where you live is a good topic, you defend renting strongly so can I defend buying??;

    1.You’re house is your fallback position if your Ltd company goes belly up and is insulated from it if you structure right.

    2. Mortgage rates for residential mortgages are a LOT lower than you quote, very very low!

    3. If you own you can add massive value by extending, converting, updating and sell with NO Capital gains tax or income tax. (Providing it’s been your home longer than 6 months). This point is huge.

    4. It’s your security for your spouse if you die.

    5. Security of position for Kid’s schools etc, a landlord isn’t going to move you on. (They may want to sell if even they like you)

    6. A repayment mortgage is as good as saving but you can’t not make the saving deposit each month :p

    I do understand why people rent who invest. I currently have around £450k equity in my house that could be released but that’s like my nest egg. And it’s equally my wife’s, whereas my portfolio is my business and belongs to my business.

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