Should You Buy a House?

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21 thoughts on “Should You Buy a House?”

  1. You guys…….. You guys…… Are good for me………. Mom always told me that I'd meet good people in my life………. I think she meant you guys…… Instascribe!

  2. Why would I quit my gym membership? If you don't invest in your body by doing enough excercise to keep fit,getting the right amount of nutrients and sleep,you might not live until the age of retirement.

  3. You mention that Ramon would just break even if he would sell the house after 3 years but that's NOT CORRECT. If he wouldn't buy the house he would still got his $30,000 + $9,000 that would pay off the loan principal so he would have $39,000 in savings. So if he wouldn't buy it he would have a surplus of $6,000….

  4. The issue is that most Millennials are self-indulgent, entitled, and believe the world revolves around them. It's why so many lean towards socialism. It's why in your poll they just want to travel. They want to show off how cool and awesome they are to their Facebook and Instagram friends. They don't know how to earn, sacrifice, or save. So when someone does sacrifice and gets ahead and becomes wealthy, Millennials call it "unfair" and they want to steal that person's money through taxation, "free" college, "free" healthcare, minimum wages… anything that gives them instant gratification.

  5. People need to realize they can't afford everthing they want, you can't make 50k a year drive a new car, go on vacation every year, eat out everyday, have the best phone, keep going to school, own a house, you need to sacrifice and save, most young people live at home with no bills but are still deeply in debt, they are 10 years behind the previous generation and will have to learn these valuable lessons in their late 30s instead of late 20s

  6. there are a lot of things that did not get mentioned in this video:
    1. buying a home is NOT a bad investment IF you buy a home you can afford and if you have a steady job and good credit.
    2. a person needs to have a place to live anyways, so renting would be the most likely option (unless you are a spoiled piece of dung and still live with your parents) BUT what people don't realize is that current rent prices for a one bedroom apartment are as expensive as a home mortgage (for a smallish 3 bedroom home average)…so when you rent you are burning money (yes you don't worry about maintenance… but a house is not breaking every single month either) and the money goes nowhere…puff…is gone. no assets…no investment….is GONE.
    3.when you buy a home you can buy a "home warranty" which covers the major appliances and plumbing. those are about $500 to $800 per year, which is cheap (If you are a coffee drinker and go to starbucks once a day you are spending about $1800 a year in overpriced coffee….think about that)

  7. your primary residence is never an investment. investment by definition simply means putting money in your pocket . PR takes money from your pocket. if you count on appreciation, this is called speculation. But even if you sell is double your initial price, you are going to buy 2 houses… to meditate !!!

  8. PESKY millennials how about those PESKY real estates???????????? let me sell you a house from 1900's for $ 1,000.000.00 are you guys stupid???

  9. Hi! Millennial here! I owe no money, yet have no money. No debt, yay! But every penny I earn goes to necessary monthly expenses: food, gas, rent, and utilities. I don't go out and am able to save maybe $25 to $50 a month. If I can find a job that pays better or offers the same pay PLUS BENEFITS… cool… I will take it. Otherwise, this is my situation and has been for YEARS. I just cannot afford a house.

  10. The graph at 0:29 is extremely misleading. You should have made the y-axis start at 0, not at 60ish. The decline would look a lot smaller if you did it properly. I also am skeptical of the study claiming that travel is most important to millennials. They are not specifying whether they are referring to travel for work or travel for leisure. Furthermore, it should not be surprising that a study funded by AirBnB would find that travel is most important. I'm starting to wonder about this show.

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