Singapore Govt Asleep at the Climate Change Table for Past 20 Years

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15 thoughts on “Singapore Govt Asleep at the Climate Change Table for Past 20 Years”

  1. The subject matter of climate change in the NDR speech is just a cover-up for properties development in the southern part of Singapore. The ideas are repackaged nicely to make it palatable for Singaporeans to accept the fact that we will be paying more in the years to come. Climate change has been around for donkey years, why mention it only now.

  2. Not only climate change mechanisms, but more importantly change a new Govt. that is forward looking for a better Singapore.Give your vote to the opposition parties at coming GE.Wake up from slumber and do a political tsunami to topple the decadent PAP.

  3. The pap don't have the political will to take action 20 year ago. Even now I don't see them raising a finger to do the right things. I don't see MP overseeing the town council exhorting the resident to recycle by example.

  4. Climate change??? why were the Dinos wiped out…Climate Change???…were they Eating and Farting so much that it envelopes the world and Block out the Sun …and was the Ice age caused by Pre -Human Beings who walks and NOT talk like they do today in Parliament filling the air with their Foul Carbon Dioxide??? and here we have an IDIOT trying to IMPRESS talking about climate change when the old are working till they DROP DEAD!!!

  5. LT , climate change is something that was in the news 30 years or more ago. Now pap is putting the blame on we people. The govt is shortsighted and have no determination to correct the error. Pap bringing out this subject for showmanship. If they are serious they shoul

  6. Has any singaporean accounting student asked the lecturer will bubble be created when old flat are sold at much higher price than new ones, against the laws of depreciation? If not, that explains why Singapore cannot produce an Alternative party to produce better results , policies and laws in parliament. By the way, all the accounting lecturers should be investigated for not upholding their professional ethics to raise the concern and tell it's students that property assets depreciate in price and Singapore flats is not an exception to this law of depreciation and a bubble has been brewing since decades ago.

  7. Sg is not pro electric car bcos of Sg's chemicals industry. And the huge downstream Petro chemicals spun from it. Sg's concern is GDP. The PAP is very inward looking. No need to talk further. For a tropical country, our reliance on solar energy is dissappointing. For carbon emissions, start by banning two-stroke. machines, if the gshmen even know what they are!!

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