Single Story Home For Sale Las Vegas in Skye Canyon | $470K | 1,959 Sqft | 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 2 Cars

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40 thoughts on “Single Story Home For Sale Las Vegas in Skye Canyon | $470K | 1,959 Sqft | 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 2 Cars”

  1. I love my Pulte home!!! When hubby and I retire to LV we will seek out Pulte again! This is the second home we've had built from scratch with all our own design upgrades…best thing we ever did!

  2. I'd rather buy standing inventory for the price advantage, if I could find a property that meets my minimum requirements. For me, the 2 big pluses of this house are the tile flooring and the bright look of the kitchen. Love the white cabinets and countertops! The drawback is the lack of overhead lighting in the bedrooms and den. I think the bedroom lighting is not that big a deal if your lifestyle means you're not hanging out in the bedroom, just sleeping in it. The den, however, does need that lighting. I'd take this one and figure out the den lighting later. Also love the white stucco on the exterior. I know the houses are usually some shade of brown to blend in with the desert, but between the usually unremittingly brown of the exterior and interior (carpet, tile, cabinets), it's just so boring, not to say depressing. White is such a great uplifting change!

  3. Question, 110% agree with your electrical and structural upgrades….the model had a fireplace, the two spec houses do not. Just how important is a fireplace for resale. I mean does anyone really use a fireplace in Las Vegas.

    Standing inventory, man, is the way to go, albeit you have to live with other buyers' decisions. You can always do some rip out and put in canned lighting for more expense, of course.

  4. Easy access for the robbers to come through the back and smash your sliding door window. Id prefer buying a house at an older established community and renovating it.

  5. That's pretty expensive, 146.00 a month for association and maintenance fee, then to top it off, 475.00 every six months for SID. Hope they get people with big dollars to buy these places. I'll stay with my old home, no thanks.

  6. I’m not in the market to buying a home until next year but watching these videos are preparing me for home buying I’m learning a lot about the little details of the home when it comes to upgrades (etc)

  7. I dunno if that house is worth the 60-70k premium on those options. It might be for some people. I could probably get my own contractors to do that work for half the price. Nice place though.

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