Skopje Macedonia: As We Travel Europe

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22 thoughts on “Skopje Macedonia: As We Travel Europe”

  1. This is FYRO Vardsarska ….A Slav semi country with a Bulgaroserbian dialect..
    Macedonia is a region in Hellas..
    You can visit Macedonia and museums in Kavala,Veria,Tessaloniki ,Kozani etc..

  2. Do you know why the fortress is closed? Because they have found ancient greek artifacts going back 3 thousand years that they don't want the world to know about, so they can continue with there bull shit lies that the real Macedonians were slavs and not Greek.

  3. Skopje Shkupi in albanians .In ottoman empire Shkupi was capital of vilayet of kosovo . 1912 it was annexed by kingdom of serbia 1944 became capital of macedonia 1991 it became the capital city of an independent macedonia.

  4. I agree Matka & Vodno would have been great.  also you should have eaten macedonian burek which is a little different (flakier and crispier than Serbian or montenegrin styles and different shape than the Bosnian or Albanian kind… i did a lot of burek eating…).  but the main and most Macedonian dish would be tavce gravce, which is a paprika spiced white bean soup with smoked ribs in it.  Also, I admire the dilligence and i understand the restrictions of the premise of your travels… but… one day for a whole country… even a small country like Macedonia… it's not enough.  You could have gone to Prilep when the ajvar is being made or to Ohrid…  incredible natural beauty abounds.   but that's how it is.  and i'm not expert, i've only been to Macedonia twice.

  5.   “The Slavmacedonians (FYROMians) have only a connection of geography [FYROM corresponds to ancient Paeonia and now borders with real Macedonia, Greece] to the ancient Macedonians, whose most famous son, Alexander the Great, died hundreds of years before Slavs even arrived in the Balkans. It's an insult that the Republic of Macedonia names the airport of its capital city 'Alexander the Great'. Pursuing a fraudulent identity, Skopje has built statues to a Hellenic-speaking tribe with which it has no lineage. Only an accident of history resulted in the southern part of Yugoslavia (FYROM) having the same name.
    (Barry Wood, TheHuffingtonPost , 10/24/2013)

  6. No disrespect to you guys but before you go and review any country or city, especially in the Balkans, you should do better research on the subjects or ask local youths to be your guides for the day because almost all of them speak English. Good luck.

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