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  1. We love Sky 😂 What's your favorite moment?

    0:00 – Sky and Dutchess fight over Sky’s butt lift (S3 E15)
    1:29 – Sky hangs penis piñatas for O’Sh**t’s vasectomy party (S3 E20)
    4:00 – Sky runs naked through the vacation house (S4 E3)
    4:45 – Sky visits Dr. Miami for her butt consultation (S4 E3)
    6:46 – Sky wants to get drunk on vacation (S4 E3)
    7:20 – Sky shows off her new body in a bathing suit at the shop (S4 E8)
    8:14 – Sky gets emotional about her relationship with Ceaser (S5 E5)
    8:31 – Sky fights Tiffany at the shop (S5 E5)
    9:53 – Sky burps at the shop (S5 E7)
    10:16 – Sky is heading to Miami to “get a new designer vagina” (S5 E8)
    13:02 – Sky returns to Dr. Miami for a consultation (S5 E8)
    15:36 – Sky returns to the shop after her surgery (S5 E8)
    16:00 – Sky loses it when Tiffany says Sky is jealous of her (S5 E9)
    17:34 – Sky’s workout class (S5 E16)
    18:38 – Sky & Ceaser visit senior citizens (S6 E6)
    18:55 – Sky interviews potential new managers (S6 E7)
    21:06 – Sky introduces Tatiana at Black Ink’s Halloween party (S6 E7)
    21:55 – The crew flies to South Korea (S6 E9)
    22:46 – Sky tries South Korean cuisine (S6 E9)
    23:07 – Sky finds her own “Korean Denzel” (S6 E9)
    23:26 – Sky tests a bidet (S6 E9)
    24:06 – Sky demonstrates her date with chopsticks (S6 E10)
    24:28 – Sky dates a potential sperm donor (S6 E18)

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