Sky Tries to Cleanse Ceaser's Soul ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew

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36 thoughts on “Sky Tries to Cleanse Ceaser's Soul ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew”

  1. I'm glad they all have money, that's the only way they can afford the type of women they like. And Im glad Sky is wasting her money on women too, just hope she is investing the same amount, if not more, on her sons.

  2. That new chick is ugly. She got a bulldog face. Tati just cry and cry and play up the victim thing like the rest of the girls don't stand strong cuz the sympathy card it's how you make friends not shop apparently. PS dont meet someone man for coffee alone and giggle when he say you the best looking one in photos you share with his women and answer a women when she ask u if you sleeping with her man then hoe no one will think u messy with him.

  3. Caesar needs to stop with this b***** Puma don't even want to fight he look like he use tired as hell of going through this and then not speaking I wonder how he would feel if his daughter held this type of grudge against him

  4. Okay…ITS OFFICIAL Sky is going to get her own show on VH1!! I hate to admit it Bit this Girl has that Reality TV "it" factor that just simply brings in the ratings through the Roof #100%

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