Slot play OLD vs NEW Las Vegas

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31 thoughts on “Slot play OLD vs NEW Las Vegas”

  1. There's a China Shores machine near the MGM Buffet entrance and a Dragon's Law Machine in the Mirage near Heritage Steak that usually are pretty nice to me. I dont always win, but there have been several times I would hit a bunch of bonus symbols and win a few hundred bucks from the free spins. Sunglasses moment when your roundtrip flight to and from Vegas just became comped!

  2. I like your videos except for slot machine plays because you let the credits count up and it gets really boring. Try to hit the button next time you win like 15 bucks or something on penny machines so we don't have to watch the pennies count up thanks

  3. Slots are tough, you have to like the up and down roller coaster they provide (I do). I'd recommend watching Matt Bridger videos. He's there this week, daily videos starting later today and all next week. He does great Vegas/slot videos.

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