Solo Road Trip Part 2 – Travel Vlog!

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7 thoughts on “Solo Road Trip Part 2 – Travel Vlog!”

  1. I've been needing to see some of your feel good vibes!I was recently laid off from my job of almost 3 years & although my heart is hurting in the end I put my all into my work ethic & its out of my control.Sending Good Vibes & Happy. + Safe Travels !!

  2. I loved going on your trip with you! Thanks so much! Such cool places! Elaine and the wafers 😂 and your husband is too sweet! Salem and New York were cool! Why did Boston upset you so? Are they crazy drivers? Thanks chick!! And yes, your mom would definitely not tolerate that water but Stonehenge was pretty!! Oh and the truck driver😱 how embarrassing and creepy!!!!!!!

  3. Mary!! GURL I had so much fun!! I liked so many of the things you did & places you visited. It's been a long time since I took off to check out the places that interest my darker side. You've inspired me I'm going to plan a road trip with my two best friend because we bond with the darker history or origins of things. So excited to experience that & upload the video to my YouTube channel. I will tag you as my inspiration🤗
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip. Elaine appeared so happy to join you. Girls trip! I look forward to seeing more trips Elaine💗💗 She seems happy to travel😊

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