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15 thoughts on “Solo Travel vs Traveling With Friends | ZULA ChickChats | EP 81”

  1. Remember to write down or print out important info etc hotel/ hostel location JUST IN CASE your phone die on you. Trust me, better to be safe. Stay safe and happy travelling!

  2. All the travels Ive done so far are solo travels. Asian countries and Australia. Just bcs I don't really have a large circle of friends and if I were to wait to have travelling buddies the only travelling I will do is from my bed to my couch hahaha.

  3. I traveled solo to Barcelona, Denmark, Kuala Lumpur, and Kaohsiung! A tip I'd have is for sure..
    1. Have data.
    2. Have portable chargers.
    3. Screenshot every single important information – flight timings, hostel address, hostel confirmations, directions to hostel etc
    4. Bring a water bottle
    5. Keep an open mind!

  4. Omg this video just make me really want to try solo travel!! i used to be really scared of solo traveling, cause i’m afraid that i might be able to come back in one piece 😂 at least that’s what ppl say about me la BUT recently im rly thinking about solo travelin like #selfcare you know🤩

  5. Went for my first solo trip to New York in 2014. It was the best experience I’ve ever had! Stayed in Airbnb private room at New Jersey and took metro to New York. Visited the popular tourist attractions and made friends with New Yorker. I left my MacBook Air on the train when on my way to JFK Airport to return to Singapore. Someone found it and called me. I called my New Yorker friend whom I just met while in New York, he helped me to collect from the stranger and sent back the laptop to Singapore.

  6. When you solo travel, you get to do things that you want to, eat food that you want to, go places that you want to. If you wake up late, you dont have to worry about being a burden & just change your schedule. Want to sleep late? Sleep early? Eat 10 meals? Eat 1 meal? Go to every single museum? Hiking? Parks? Shopping? Up to you. Ownself happy can alr.

    10/10 would recommend (':

  7. I guess I’m the only few exceptions? I’ve set my mind on solo travelling, am not afraid, and am confident of surviving well. The only exception is my parents don’t allow me to? Sighs.

  8. I travelled to Munich alone just 3 months ago. I didn't trust strangers enough to get them to help me take touristy photos of me posing in front of a monument or something with my DSLR, so I mounted my DSLR on a tripod I bought off Amazon and took photos of myself (with the help of a remote shutter, of course) lol. I've had passersby giving me weird looks in the process HAHAHA. But I didn't care because this trip to Munich might happen only this once and I wasn't about to let these judgmental passersby stop me from taking memorable photos of myself. YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE MAN!!!

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