Source: Las Vegas shooter researched hotels near Fenway

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4 thoughts on “Source: Las Vegas shooter researched hotels near Fenway”

  1. So sad how they lie to the Sheep every time and every time they fall for it do your own research people don't believe these demons that are apart of the entire operation do not trust any mainstream social media News Network unless you just like being fed lies

  2. It seems Congress is clueless on what we want of our civil servants in Washington DC. After all that's happened this year why is gun control the issue? It's the same thing for Congress all the time year after year, why? I have an Idea, We all tell Congress the three most important things we would like to see them accomplish this year. Please keep it short, we'll ask questions if one paragraph is not enough of an explanation.
    Congress here is my the three most important thing for you to do List 2017
    1. End all racist policy's and decisions based on race by the Federal Government.
    Every issue the people have had this year, from Dreamers (you invented Brown people) to this one in Vegas, goes back to your racist policy's as long as you think about color not people State Gov and Police will too. It's racist to profile by color. We are not colors we are people. Keep it up there will always racial profiling and killings by police, stop color coding.
    2. limit False Flags and Attach a Disclaimer.
    3. Make the Government smaller and eliminate waste, Balance budget.
    you do not have to agree just tell the Congress if your issues are being represented by Congress. God Bless America and happy list making.

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