South Point Casino & Buffet!

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47 thoughts on “South Point Casino & Buffet!”

  1. Great video tour! I live 2 miles from the SP and love everything about it except playing on the machines. They are TIGHT and I never win anything. I've been to all of the restaurants in there and all are excellent.

  2. Great video. Thanks for doing these, they're always a nice treat to watch. You didn't say much at the end about the buffet, except that the steak was a little too well done. Did you find that the buffet was worth the price? Would you eat there again if you were visiting the hotel? Thanks again.

  3. Great video! Benny Binion was a murdering psychopath! Did some reading on him, and man was he one scary dude. His connections to the Dallas underworld were downright frightening.

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