Southeast Chicago Historical Museum ~ The History Room ~ Calumet Park

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21 thoughts on “Southeast Chicago Historical Museum ~ The History Room ~ Calumet Park”

  1. Hey Storm and Social. I was gone to unforseen circumstances. But I am back. What a great show to come back to. I go to the beach there frequently. Oh Wow! I know the coast guard station is there. I seen this building and knew it was there but, never went in. I been in this area for the better part of 50 years. I remember Bargain town toy store was off commercial avenue. It was two stories and a basement. It had creaky wood floors. Later on it became Toys r us chain but it was bargain town first. What history. Two thumbs up and a snap. See what you miss when you don't view the Storm. A day without the Storm is like a day without sunshine. Also Moose Cholak tavern was on 9916 S. Ewing . The building is still there. The Edison plant as you entered the park was on the right alongside the railroad tracks. You just follow the road all the way to the back. It's torn down now. We used to fish back there.
    Hey Gibby's Wife and lady D.

  2. This may have been one of the best ones yet. It was almost like you were watching a documentary on channel 11 wttw. Saw some cool Us Steel stuff from the old South works. I work at Gary works but have meet a lot of guys that came to Gary after it was shut down. That is a place I'd like to go see for myself.

  3. Chicago was a great place growing up in, The Back of The Yards, 7 blocks from the old Stockyards and Amphitheater. It used to be so safe, now you get shot for driving in those neighborhoods, great video guys

    Great interview with the Manager, Storm.
    So much history.
    Yes, We need a
    History Museum like this
    of Gary.
    So much here….
    I have to watch this again and again to soak it all up.
    Thank you again for this road trip, guys.
    (Such a Beautiful Building, too.)
    I'm glad to see Social in the video again!
    "Hey Joe!" ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Love Ur field trip. Love Ur channel.- U got the best channel going. Please keep it going. Watching From North Eastren KY. In the early 70s ,I use to work in Gary at a brick yard on Martin Luther King Dr.

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