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  1. We are from NY (30 minutes from the baseball hall of fame – Cooperstown). We were in Myrtle Beach April 11th – 20th. The weather was so bad on Friday the 19th that we had tornado warning alerts coming through our phones. We always stay at the Margate Tower in Kingston Plantation (North Myrtle). We love it there. Thanks for sharing the video!!!

  2. As a mom of multiracial kids (white, black, Hispanic and Asian) I find it hard to justify the sheltering history. If black children learn about slavery at a young age why would white or Asian kids be protected from that until high school age. What are your thoughts? I know my situation is unique but I love to hear the opinions of other moms because it's not easy finding moms in my same situation 🙂

  3. @happilyahousewife You made me look at my town through fresh eyes, thank you. I have two daughters 10 & 8, the three of us love Just Add Magic. Running into you the next time you're here would make my day! Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  4. Thank you for sharing your trip!!! Our trip last September got cut short from the hurricane so I’m missing MB .. bad lol pier 14 is the first place my not then father in law took me (us) my first trip. This June makes 40 yrs (I’m 56). They become in-laws not long after that lol … anyway .. we still go the Pier 14 and in September the boardwalk isn’t crazy busy like the seasonal months so we always walk there several times and just people watch lol You make good time to travel it in 7 hrs. We usually stop twice from eastern KY. And takes about 8. Thanks again for sharing!!

  5. Thanks for sharing and being honest about your experience on the plantation visit. The topic of slavery is never easy and can be uncomfortable but a true historical event that is a part of US history-that has to be included. Thx again for sharing. good luck for when that time does come to share a bit more with your kids that you’re able to provide a beneficial experience.

  6. Thank you for sharing information on the plantation! We are spending a few days in Charleston in our way to Florida this summer and this looks like a great activity to do while we are there!

  7. Ahh!! We’re heading to MB this summer. You’re eating right next to our hotel-we need to try that restaurant! And yes, the Boardwalk (and Broadway at the Beach…and the beach….and everything!) is super busy in the summer!

  8. hey glad you all had a great time in myrtle beach i live in north myrtle beach next time you come it would be nice to meet you and you make awsome videos keep up the great work❤️

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