Sri Lanka: 8 serial blasts at Colombo hotels and churches kill more than 200

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47 thoughts on “Sri Lanka: 8 serial blasts at Colombo hotels and churches kill more than 200”

  1. I don't know whether to like the video or not. But, it certainly is disturbing. Those suicide bombers must be Buddhist, that's for sure, if not from the religion of hate, or evil itself.

  2. Sri Lankan govt should hang immediately without trial to these acused before the wrath of God will clamp down in Sri Lanka because behold dark days will come in Sri Lanka if Sri Lankan govt did not act immediately and you will see that the God of Israel is a real God not allah

  3. Our hearts are pouring out for the victims of this dastardly attack. We shall pray for the souls of dead and hope for the recovery of those injured. May the perpetrators of this attack be bought to justice. May God bless you Sri Lanka
    From india.

  4. Some commenters here are claiming this group did it that group did it….can't you see the real problem here….it's the Abrahamic religions and their inherent violent ideology that's responsible for unrest in the world…ppl plz go back to your roots… follow the natural way of life and not some narrow minded dogmatic religion

  5. 😭😭😭After this type of incidence we always say that god will take revenge but who knows god is real or not…we must fight back😣😣😠😠.. We should never rely on god…if we do then these type of incidents will continue to happen 😭😤…

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