Sri Lanka blasts: Kingsbury Hotel blast footage

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25 thoughts on “Sri Lanka blasts: Kingsbury Hotel blast footage”

  1. Islam is Jihad, Killings, and Islamic Terrorism against Hindus and Non-Muslims for the past 1400 years and Today.
    It never surprises me when I see Islamic Terrorists killing Hindus and Non-Muslims in the India, Sri Lanka, and in the World.

  2. Muslims have lost trust globally…Ye jis thali mein khate hain….Usme hi ched karte hain…..They had once broken our motherland and are now International beggars…Still they have not learnt anything as they are devil worshippers

  3. ISIS are not Muslims. But they always say Thakbeer Allahu Akubar after
    every killing. But isis is not Islamic. They r pretending to be
    islamic..They r jews and Americans. But they always roar Takbeer Allahu
    Akubar. But they r Not muslims. They kill 1000s of shias ,ahmedias, and
    kafirs. But they r not muslims. We should tell this after each attack on
    social media. We must say this until the last Kafir wipe out from

  4. Every man from the peaceful religion is a sleeping terrorist. This video footage will work as training material for them. Hence, it is better not to send it to public domain.

  5. these Muslims are heartless… what have these innocent people done to then… little babies.. women, children, men, elderly…what a shame.. Islam is cancer.. Whole world should ban Islam

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