Sri Lanka hotel suicide bombers caught on CCTV

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32 thoughts on “Sri Lanka hotel suicide bombers caught on CCTV”

  1. The economic boycot of muslims should be taken into accourt. These terrorists of Muhammed cant act without any local support. Implement collective punishment as in Israel .

  2. ISIS – Israhell Secrete Intelligent Service

    This is how the Americunt Zion-pig feeds fear and lie…
    They created isis… by Mossad

    Ignorant -what they told you to do… they don’t like you to think just do what they ask you

  3. These Muslims consider the people of all other religion as Kuffirs and want to kill them. They killed thousands of Bangladeshi Hindus and millions of Kashmiri Pundits. Ban Islam

  4. Muslim,Christian,Jewish,Buddhis or hindu? It does matter which religions? Why some people never respect their religions and let us live in peace like a family? I so sorry for the victims of this attack 😏😐sending strength to their family.

  5. Thats the best they could do?
    The police new of imminent attack and habibis had no problems at all getting those heavy bags in. Sri lanka either let this happen or their police training is funded by the Clinton foundation

  6. I dont get it. The conflict was between the Hindies and Buddhists. What would ISIS get from pullimg something like this off?

    Who benefits? Not to say it wasnt ISIS just woindering what they get from this?

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