Sri Lanka: New CCTV footage of suspected bomber at Shangri La Hotel

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21 thoughts on “Sri Lanka: New CCTV footage of suspected bomber at Shangri La Hotel”

  1. This is just a big worldwide propaganda against Muslims. So many isis fighters who are getting arrested are turning out be to zionists. These are not Muslims. People need to understand this. They never found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq the same way this is evil plan played by the devils on the top

  2. I might look an extremist muslim because of my beard and cap but i know
    that what they have done is heinous.. Not just me but almost the entire
    muslim community is condemning this attack. Although attackers were
    muslims but they had nothing to do with islam. They chose this path on
    their own and must be reaping what they have sown…

  3. Terrorism has certainly found a home within Islam. A dangerous religion and ideology. Praying for the martyrs who died in the name of Jesus Christ, all other victims and their families!

  4. Anyone
    who seeks to understand the context of Sunday's atrocities in Sri
    Lanka needs to read 'The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS' –
    Aug 7, 2018 by Robert Spencer. That should include at least half
    the journalists, politicians, bureaucrats and academics in North
    America and Europe. At least read Chapters 1, 5, 9 & 10.

  5. These government officials first put behind the bars….(for neglecting the credible intelligence they have received)..and directly responsibility for the death of 360 people. Second, find the MTFs who are on the run with detonators in their hand. 3rd…you all guys sit down and fuck think about what to do and why they got motivated to do this etc etc. #fuckinggovernmentofficials #srilakandefenceminister

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