Sri Lanka police arrest 4 suspects over Easter attack on churches & hotels

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35 thoughts on “Sri Lanka police arrest 4 suspects over Easter attack on churches & hotels”

  1. The quran & hadiths teach them to kill non muslims. So those books should be BANNED first. After reading quran 5:33, 8:129:5, 9:29, 33:26-27, 47:4,………….etc. if anyone says islam is a religion of peace then you will understand that he/she is a islamic terrorist/supporter of islamic terrorists/enjoys killing innocent children and people. After reading those verses if the followers do not renounce the religion they should be considered as islamic terrorists.

  2. Islam religion = Evil death cult !!!
    Soon , huge meteorite will fall down from sky to Saudi Arabia and destroy this evil country where is the origin of evil religion Islam.

  3. Sinhalese are smug underachievers , they casually dismissed India’s repeated prior intelligence warnings with nonchalance, arrogance and overconfidence…..for many years they were in bed with the Pakistanis enjoying deep coitus……time to suffer the consequences and reap the rewards now….

  4. ye madarchod log… Allah ko mante hai, bolo ab ye kya sikhte he…. Gundagardi. Allha kya koi God nahi bachaiga ien ghatiya logoko. Maut saja hone chahiye… Kisiko maut ke ghat me utarahe ye gandu log.

  5. I do not understand why they do not arrest suspects when they have intelligence on them , if they hope they will lead them to others that are not known to security they are putting the people at risk every day they should deport these freaks of nature back to their land of origin once they have reliable information

  6. Save everyone from Islam, especially the Islamic. Their “prophet” boasted: “I have been made victorious by terror.” Those who know what is in the Koran and Hadiths, and believe, and obey – kill.

  7. Now that India and neighbors are in the massive fake news business, nothing in Persian can be believed. If they claim the sun is shining, I'd have to go outside and look. With bluebeam technology that might not even be real.

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