Sri Lanka: UK tightens its travel warnings – BBC News

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  2. People should know that Isis ideology exist everywhere, you are no safer in London than in Sri Lanka, the Only way to tackle this ideology is by logical argument but all leaders of nearly every democratic country are acting like ostrich… Hiding their heads under the sand
    Its time to find Answers to Questions which exist since 7th Century, and to do that we should be open to debate uncomfortable and undiplomatic questions.

  3. Tracey Richardson is the worst kind of person. Terrorist attacks can happen anywhere. Will she be returning to the UK following her trip? Will she ever visit Paris? So yea she won’t be coming back to Sri Lanka, you know what? Good riddance.

  4. They are not Muslims their in disguise !! Plain simple!
    The evil of Isis created funded and armed by the bloody US UK and Saudi government 🤬

    Innocent people died Emily Danny and others 😭 can’t imagine what their going through! My heart cries out 😭 with pain…

  5. Imagine a hypothetical world, with a COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL group (let's say purely for the sake of argument it was globally around 20%) who are ORDERED to rape, murder, and conquer everybody else, meanwhile the rest of THAT world's population pretty much just wants to get on with each other in peace and try to make sure their children have a better life than them… Would it be right (in that completely hypothetical situation) for the 80% to stay quiet or even actively encourage their own extermination? Or would it actually be MORE ethical for them to stand up together and say "No actually THAT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE" ?

  6. But on a more serious note, if YOU work for the BBC PLEASE for the sake of humanity, take a long hard look at yourself and ask yourself "can I really work for the BBC with a clear conscience?" These anti-white, anti-male, anti-heterosexual BIGOTS are very obviously a hate group!… Find employment elsewhere, away from these vermin. Can we not just move past all this stinking bullshit and just be PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS?, the mastery of double speak by these monsters would be awe inspiring if they were not using it in such an utterly despicable way.

  7. I am not expressing an opinion myself as I fully accept that it is illegal to express opinions in the UK, however, I am simply curious to know, would it HAVE BEEN illegal IF I HAD wanted to say for example… "Dear filthy-commie-BBC-traitor-racist-sexist-hetero-phobic-scumbag-vermin… I still want EVERY PENNY back, from TV licence fees I paid in the past AND every penny my parents and grandparents paid to you traitor filth… traitors to the British people? Yes certainly!… But more importantly enemies of the entire human race. You will face your Nuremberg!" ?
    If it WOULD have been illegal to express those opinions (had anybody wished to… You will recall that I am not expressing my opinion, since opinions are against UK law) dearest Aunty Beeb can you tell me why please?

  8. My deepest prayers for all those who lost there lives it saddens me saw much i wish n prey there was piece in this world n unity i am a muslim and i hate these extreme people they are not muslims please dont hate all muslims for these extreme peoples behaviour we hate them as much as u do they are giving all good muslims a bad name may god punish these extremists in hell thats where they belong once again my deepest condolences for the losses and i will prey from my heart for all those that lost there lives an for there family's too🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. You must teach klive some basic manners as to how you should sit in front of a country head…I saw his interview with wickramesinghai and such arrogant body language..He was lying on the couch while asking questions to a leader…Bad show BBC respect a country

  10. Give the Tamil Tamil eelam please like Brexit… LTTE will never do coward attacks like this… Sri lankan army and Indian army is a joke to the LTTE. This is the government that killed 100 thousand Tamil to win a war looolll please.

  11. Thank you for the video.
    I suggest you watch this one as well, title is in French but English spoken: "Les Gilets jaunes français censurés à la télévision britannique pour garantir «la paix sociale» ?"

  12. A black man saying dark days are returning is like in yes Minister when Sir Humphrey said "blackmail" to the Burandan Prez he said "are you referring to me or my policies"…. same sort of thing 🙂

  13. Saudi Arabia executed 37 people in one day (Tuesday)
    One of the men executed was aged just 16 at the time of his arrest.

    Executions are usually carried out by beheading.

    One man was CRUCIFIED.

    2019 or 29BC?

  14. A case for Inspector Columbo on Colombo :
    Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Bombings : Perhaps the only thing that is true right now is the motto borrowed by the Colombo Telegraph newspaper "IN JOURNALISM TRUTH IS A PROCESS" as motives and theories are tested,reviewed,discarded, updated and information cross referenced as it's unearthed.
    Gut feel is the people of Sri Lanka have probably been witnesses to two heinous crimes:
    1 The extremist bombings themselves.
    2 The as yet unknown element – the part played by Sri Lankan politicians and "connected parties" both in and out of office and other related parties.
    The first is the murder of civilians by extremists.
    The second is possible treason committed by the very group who want to call themselves the elite charged with a duty of care to the country – yet all they care about is a self serving lust for power and all that brings in a country where "perceived status" is everything and corruption at leadership levels is not only rife but is the norm at the expense of ordinary people.
    Blaming a failure in handling detailed Indian intelligence reports, that permitted the bombings to take place, on the bickering between the President and Prime Minister appears to be a red herring.
    First – who is innocent in this,
    The answer would have to be (1) ordinary Sri Lankan people not associated with any form of religious extremist group of any denomination, (2) foreign tourists and oddly enough given what's taken place – (3) the vast majority of the Sri Lankan Muslim community who do not have any links or association with terrorism.
    The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka representing ordinary decent muslims, like other Muslim Councils in other countries including Britain DID THEIR JOB. When they realized that there was a hate preacher trying to radicalize Sri Lankan Muslims, the Muslim Council took positive action to prevent harm to the wider community of which they are also part.
    Houston wake up, wake up – we have a problem !
    "Hilmy Ahamed, vice president of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, said he warned (Sri Lankan) military intelligence officials about the radical Islamic group (National Thowheed Jamath) and its leaders about three years ago. Ahamed said in a phone interview from Colombo, “I personally have gone and handed over all the documents three years ago, giving names and details of all these people. They have sat on it. That’s the tragedy.”
    Who is not innocent in this:
    1 The terrorists themselves.
    2 Reasonable speculation – Whosoever in the government ranks whether actually currently in government or looking to get in, together with "other connected Sri Lankan parties" who saw this as an opportunity (irrespective of the cost to human life be it Christian worshippers or foreign visitors) to undermine, discredit and dispose of the current Prime Minister of Sri Lanka given the failed unconstitutional parliamentary coup a few months back by current President Sirisena and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa that got thrown out by Sri Lanka's Supreme Court with foreign nations also vehemently voicing their objections.
    If this theory is true – whosoever prevented Indian intelligence's detailed reports getting to the Prime Minister (assuming he's telling the truth) must have had considerable power, influence and connections.
    Sniffing along the question of who would benefit from such evil renders two possible suspects with "possible motive" with the required level of power, influence and connections:
    1 President Sirisena himself – if he was desperate to get the Prime Minister out and bring in the Rajapaksa clan, having failed to do so a few months back in parliament.
    2 The power hungry Rajapaksa clan themselves.
    1 and 2 do not need to be mutually exclusive.
    This all took place against the backdrop of the upcoming elections later this year.
    What is also noteworthy is former President Mahinda Rajapaksa tried to have the previous election result that brought in President Sirisena cancelled when it didn't go his way and again foreign nations denounced this.Mahinda Rajapaksa was the bookies favourite to win the election with Sirisena one of his ministers. Sirisena's defection when he was offered the top post of President in the coalition party led by the current Prime Minister changed the popular vote and the outcome of the election.
    The highly credible foreign investigative journalist Phil Miller wrote this piece after the Easter Sunday events:
    "This “who benefits” question has even led some to speculate that Gotabhaya (Rajapaksa – younger brother of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his then defence minister) himself may have had a hand in Sunday’s bombings.
    Political figures like the country’s former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who was recently served with a war crimes suit while travelling abroad, is running for president (2020) — and will cast himself as the anti-terror candidate.
    Sections of the military apparatus are still loyal to his family, and would have the capability to pull off such an attack — or at least ensure a blind eye was turned.
    There are already reports that warnings on the attacks were ignored, raising questions about why these attacks weren’t stopped.
    Sri Lanka is such a heavily militarised society, it is hard to imagine how a plot like this went undetected.
    The attackers’ ability to strike simultaneously at three of the country’s most luxurious hotels, where security is tightest, is almost incomprehensible.
    As is the news that a pipe bomb was found, unexploded, outside the international airport, which is also a high-security military base."
    Reuters previously reported:
    "Gotabaya Rajapaksa, is accused of running a "private military" while he led the defense department. One of Sri Lanka's most controversial politicians has been charged with corruption involving the illegal transfer of state-owned weapons (to a private company).
    Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is charged with allowing a private firm to establish a floating armoury.
    It is claimed the move deprived the state of more than $75m (£57m).
    Private firm Avant-Garde Security Service said the weapons were for escorting commercial ships, but police said they received complaints that the firearms were used for intimidation."
    Although the above is conjecture, what is absolutely clear as daylight is that something deeply disturbing and untoward is happening in Sri Lanka under the very eyes of the international community.
    "In journalism truth is a process."

  15. Let's hear everyone's predictions for how long this all but essential travel ban remains in force. I've got a holiday to Sri Lanka booked for later in the year and don't know what to do.

  16. Sad for Sri Lanka a country which has only one nabour India, As Indian I will suggest keep distance from Islamic world and China which might be the case, I don’t want it to religious extremism spread any where but One question for China too which support world terrorist at UN. ??? One question for Sri Lanka ? Are you more close to southern India or rest of world which includes China !!?

  17. I avoid going to anywhere without a significant presence of Europeans and their descendants or Orientals and their descendants, this is based wholly on safety risk to myself and family.

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