Sri Lankan suicide bomber had been arrested before

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29 thoughts on “Sri Lankan suicide bomber had been arrested before”

  1. So long as Islam ideology is here in this world we will not have peace. Their book clearly says to kill non islam, and the ones who kill are considered heros. More than 90 percent of those muslims saying its religions of peace are now celebrating for this Srilankan incident. It is cancer to this earth

  2. Love all these comments from people who probably couldn't even tell you were on a map Sri Lanka is . Let alone tell you its violent history on all sides going back decades. They know nothing of the civil war in the 80's nor the Tamil Tigers . I feel for the victims but hardly shocking coming from Sri Lanka. Also find it funny Americans making this political by saying CNN spent more time covering New Zealand . They have no clue the history of Sri Lanka and their trying to compare it to New Zealand one of the most peaceful country's in the world lol. The ignorance is stunning in this comment section.

    I also find it weird Christians acting like their persecuted around the world . Had one guy say earlier millions of Christians are killed every year in terrorism. Aside from places like Sri Lanka and Syria both with a long history complicated history with Christianity I don't see what these Christians are talking about.

  3. CNN is very careful to make sure that Muslims are refered to in positive terms only. Why don't they mention the religious affiliation of these terrorists? The mainstream media still don't understand that they have a credibility crisis. You've lost the power to dictate how people are thinking. The Internet has permanently destroyed your monopoly on the "truth". The majority of the population no longer turn to you for guidance.

  4. This is worse then cold war. Mid eastern sleeper cell is everywhere. This is a proof, religious terrorism fanatism not only for poor people. So dont blame poverty. When you cant differentiate good and bad because of your religion. I cant call you human. Because human have heart and mind

  5. Why you can never stop an attack. As long as they haven't done anything yet, government can't do anything. Same with 9/11 or any other major attacks. Suspects were known, warnings were given, no actions were taken, attack succeeds. Typical way we handle these radicals. We know they're radicals with the their speech or acts etc. but can't do anything until it's too late. You'll see more of the same shit as the years go on.

  6. Throw the book and more at the low class scumbags. There is no reason for this atrocity. They are in for a huge surprise in eternity. There are no virgins or no paradise waiting for them. They will be tortured for eternity. Those that knew about this before should have done something. Same as for those who knew that 9/11 was coming and choose to ignore the warnings. Wake up so called leaders!!

  7. Notice how they just kinda mentioned and slid by the point of "…he was UNDER SERVEILANCE by multiple agencies, then detained this year in captivity for 4 months BUT RELEASED IN JUST 1 WEEK DUE TO PRESSURE FROM UPPER ADMINISTRATION…" So, the big questions are WHO & WHY did someone push to get him released AND WHAT DID THEY KNOW AND WHO ELSE DOES IT CONNECT TO?

  8. It's the Qu'ran, the Muslim holy book that is responsible for this. It's has been brainwashing and tricking Muslims to fight the Christian, the Jew, the Hypocrite and the Disbeliever since the 7th century. This violence will never stop until that book is reformed.

  9. It's pretty simple. Isis is so big that no political leader in the Islamic world wants to be put on their hit list. Houston, we have a problem. And all the crybaby, political correct, idiots are fooling themselves into thinking that religion is peaceful. We've been Trojan Horse'd. These fucking problems will be everywhere now.

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