Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Reservations Madness & All The Info You Need

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33 thoughts on “Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Reservations Madness & All The Info You Need”

  1. Wrong. Staying at the hotel guarantees you a reservation only. But just because you have a reservation does not mean guaranteed access to the land. Disneyland's website even says so

  2. My day job is a software developer and from what it sounds like, Disney’s developers probably didn’t take the time zone into account for the original emails. Servers often use GMT for the time zone, so if they didn’t factor in the difference, it can cause something like this. I’ve had it happen to me before and while it is easy to fix, it looks bad to users.

    Hopefully, the fix will make sure that the non-hotel guest reservation opening goes smoothly.

    Looking forward to exploring the world of Star Wars.

  3. Galaxy’s Edge reservations madness is like the San Diego Comic-Con madness and I’m sure anyone who can’t get it will keep refreshing their screen until it says Congratulations, your Galaxy’s Edge reservations has been confirmed or something like that. Let the Black Thursday begin for Galaxy’s Edge!!!!!!

  4. I’m old enough to remember (the original) Star Tours opening day! (Before the days of annual passes!!) After that debacle, I swore to never be at the park on opening day of a major attraction again.

  5. This is what happens when all your other cast members are so busy helping the Avengers fight Thanos that the only people left to work on Star Wars reservations are Dale and Launchpad. 🤪 Enjoy your trip, Max! Thanks for the video!

  6. We're staying offsite, so May 2nd we'll be with the masses trying to get a reservation. I read that a Disney Account is required to make the reservation. Any idea if it's a requirement for each person going to have an account, or if I can just have my own account and make a reservation for myself, along with my wife and son?

  7. Anyone have any input for someone going September 12-16th? Will both parks still be at capacity? Will it be semi enjoyable? I don’t really care to see Star Wars I just want to be able to see Disneyland and California adventure and get on rides. Only make it down once a year so I’m
    Hoping it isn’t to bad!

  8. And the giant "whoosh" you hear on May 2nd will be the sound of thousands of people rushing to the Disneyland website to get their reservations. The ensuing wails and cries of agony will be when the site crashes due to the massive influx of traffic.

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