STAR WARS HOTEL Construction Begins at Walt Disney World – Disney News – 4/23/19

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48 thoughts on “STAR WARS HOTEL Construction Begins at Walt Disney World – Disney News – 4/23/19”

  1. 5:13 I would love a fantasy based hotel that's set up like the Star Wars one. As in one that focuses on princesses, far away kingdoms, etc. I personally would love if it focused around all the Disney princesses, but I imagine that would be difficult for Disney to work with. So, I think the best option would be a Beauty and the Beast themed hotel. They could have ways for the guests to interact with enchanted objects, like maybe you could get your own wand or enchanted rose and point it at an object to make it move. You could be treated to a musical dinner, and have animatronics serve you your food, much like what they had planned for The Great Gonzo's Pandemonium Pizza Parlor before that was scrapped. It could be a really immersive experience that would really make you feel like you're in Disney with all the magic around you.

  2. Micky Time Stamp 5:13 – I think it's time to rethink the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland, I have been on that ride over 100 times since 1962 and not too much has changed with that Ride which does take up a lot of real estate in the park. I would change the Ride to a dark Ride and base it on the Jungle Book, with a boat traveling through the Story and lots of New Animatronics. With a big portion running through the Lobby of a themed hotel under the same name. Since you have the Indiana Jones ride right along site and the old tree house (Robinson Caruso, then Tarzan Tree house. It could be made to be the secret entry into the park for Guests….

  3. 5:13 doesn't everyone want the Hollywood tower hotel to be real? imagine the immersive experience! the twilight zone and intellectually scary movies are big right now with movies like 'get out' and 'us' so this makes sense.

  4. I don't know how guests with reservations who receive a time for the 4 hour time slot will be able to ride the ride or rides , considering there are rumors that there will be 4-6 hour wait lines???

  5. 5:13 I would either like to see a Star Wars themed hotel in Tokyo, or see the Star Wars hotel highlight the original trilogy, which is currently taking a back seat to the sequel films.

  6. 5:13 Now that the Tron Coaster is being built a nice computer world themed hotel would be cool. You would enter the hotel and be sucked into the computer where you could experience not only the world of Tron but you could even incorporate Wreck It Ralph characters and video games. I'd place it between Magic Kingdom and Epcot and somehow include Spaceship Earth into the lore.

  7. 5:13 I would make a hotel in Tomorrow Land at the Magic Kingdom in Florida. Of course it would be a futuristic themed hotel not themed to any particular movie but themed to Space Mountain. Also, a hotel at the Magic Kingdom in Florida would help it get some more capacity which is gonna highly be needed for the upcoming Tron coaster which I am so excited for! The hotel would be close but not too close to Space Mountain and the windows would look out into space and have some rockets passing by every now and then. Also, the rooms would be very detailed and completely futuristic and in the halls Star Tunnel music would be playing and the rooms on each floor would be separated by a gap which would be a tunnel to lead to some more rooms. The tunnel would have some windows to look out into space.The cast members would have the same costume as all over Tomorrow Land and have a gift shop and probably two restaurants inside the hotel. Both restaurants would have some special food item's and would have a wide variety of meals. The first one would be "Planetary Pizza" a restaurant themed closely to Pizza Planet at Hollywood Studio's except this would have an actual arcade inside so it's more for kids. The other restaurant would be more for adult's, and it would be named "Cosmos" and would have excellent detail. The entire restaurant would be heavily decorated with it being almost entirely Sci-Fi with a hint of modern design in it. At Cosmos, they would sell some alcoholic beverages.

  8. I would love a Disney resort in Florida called the Disney Kingdoms Resort where you would have 5 main buildings: the check in desk where you enter the fantasy square and in that square you would have four main buildings themed to princesses like Rapunzel, Cinderella, Anna and Elsa, and Tiana with there own dining and shops and in the center Fantasy Square you would have a meet and greet area where you can meet different princesses and princes and their would be a game to play around the hotel called kingdoms unite where you run around the resort with a key that you use to digitally unlock secrets to save different princesses from Chernabog.

  9. I wonder why Disney never did anything with the Disney movie the 3 musketeers not even the characters in the parks all for 1 and 1 for all. I Wouldn’t mind wearing the hats with the large feathers

  10. 5:13 – If I could design a hotel for any Disney Resort it would be themed around Marvel and the MCU. When you enter the hotel you would board a brand new and secret Helicarrier 2.0 base and become an honorary member of Shield. You would help the Avengers and other Superheros on missions never seen on film before by providing support, intelligence and additional mission critical information that you would find out from doing research and other Disney/Marvel like activity at the hotel. The experience and additional activities would change based on how well you did similar to how the end of smuggler's run will operate. I would think this hotel would be best located at Hong Kong Disneyland

  11. 5:13 for the hidden Mickey. As for the hotel, I would love to see a cool Tron hotel… You enter in through Flynn's arcade and step through the arcade cabinet into the grid, where everything is neon blue or yellow/amber, and I would put somewhere near the Tron ride at both WDW and Shanghai Disney, and you can get to the Tron coaster by taking one of the Tron lightcycles through an underground tunnel into the park…

  12. @5:12 I would design a hotel with time travel in mind. You would hop into a time machine and travel to different years of the Disney park that the hotel is located next to. You can use VR and motion simulators to mimic old discontinued rides and meet and greet classic characters in AR (augmented reality). It would be a nostalgia trip like no other! Haha

  13. 5:13 It’ll be interesting to see how Galaxy Edge will incorporate the experience for persons with disabilities that use wheelchairs, and if they’ll be able to participate in all of the experiences.

  14. We're pretty happy with the news that you've given us. 5:13. We will get used to things that are changing we are happy about the villains parade and the villains World of Color and we look forward to the Oogie Boogie bash and Halloween and thank you for releasing the dates to us when we should buy our tickets as we will be there on September 17th. Of course everybody is waiting for the release dates of Rise of the resistance in California everybody seems to be holding out to be able to go on both before we make reservations. I find it to be a benefit to go now and again and then again after. And we certainly are saving up for another Walt Disney World trip to the new Star Wars Hotel. I'm happy to say I'm a villains kind of girl so me and the evil queen will be on the same page thank you for your early review and for being who you are and this channel! There's not really much I would like to change . Disney has a lot going on .. villains merchandise and villains eateries will be very popular so I would like to see some more of that !! Great work Jack!

  15. 5:13 for the hidden Mickey. 😀
    As far as the question, I think a hotel themed to Marvel would be great for the Disneyland Resort. It could be immersive like the Star Wars hotel concept and themed to Avengers headquarters and offer special Marvel experiences.

  16. 5:12, i would bring an immersive of an Adventure land themed this way you can mix in Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise, Tarzan and the Tikie room. shops could be named after shops in Adventure land so you feel like your in the park. also can add in other theme that would fit in that area.

  17. I have a question for Walt Disney world people did anyone hear that the ride might not be ready when Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opens I need information to know if it is a waist to get up early and wait. Help Please and thank you

  18. 5:13 I think a Haunted Mansion themed hotel over at the magic kingdom would be a lot of fun. The shuttle service could be a carriage with skeleton horses pulling it.
    I also like a Mickey themed hotel that would bring people in over at Barn Stormer.

  19. 5:13 I would make a villians hotel and put it close to the magic kingdom. Take the ideas of the never built Dark Kingdom and have a villians dinner party. Special themed rooms for Malificent and Hades. Villians meet and greets in the hotel lobby and story time where they tell their story about how they want the story to end.

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