Star Wars Hotel – D23 Update Disney World

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42 thoughts on “Star Wars Hotel – D23 Update Disney World”

  1. So you spend all of your vacation money for 2 days on a spaceship that has no real connection to the established lore of the Star Wars films. Give me a Endor land with a walking AT-AT, Cloud City Experience or at least make it a Star Destroyer. Ugh.

  2. I question the logistics of this. Do you have to sign up for a specific 2 days? Are there going to be multiple "adventures" going on at once or just 1 at a time? If those 2 days aren't filled up do they just role with it & have empty rooms? Will you get any sun light or temporarily become a vampire? Do some of the events/missions require a certain number of people? Is this going to be team based? How regulated is the schedule? Like if you need to take a break or eat/drink something for medical reasons (low blood sugar, take a medication) can you duck out quick or? P.S.- I have some public votes about Star Wars & the DCEU on my patreon page if anyone would like to check them out.

  3. too expensive for normal fans…. and not a fan of interacting with the new characters.. i want to interact with Vader , luke , lando ect.. not ray and them

  4. This would have been great if I cared about star wars and its characters anymore. Those two movies really have soured the whole thing for me. Maybe after we all forget about hour terrible episode 9 was(it’s going to be bad) and Disney gets their head out of their asses and makes good Star Wars content again, then I’ll care.

  5. I would rather spend a couple nights in the Falcon. Think about it, alone in the Millenium Falcon watching tv, eating room service, and, well,…giggidy!

    ,…but Lando's Falcon not Han's, 'cause you know, Han's kind of a slob,…seriously dude, Windex!

  6. They did try to do this in Anaheim. They closed down half of Downtown Disney to do it, only to scrap the plans when the city changed it's mind on giving them tax breaks.

  7. Do you think Disney would ever consider opening park in the US? Considering the busy-ness of the parks, and the sheer distance of travel for many US park-goers, would it make sense to do something in the Midwest?

  8. What I took from this video is that Grace is raging that this is Florida and not LA and she isn't going to get much of a chance to experience it…… also " Galaxy's edge is not as popular as Avatar land" 😂😂😂😂😂 ,did you see the crowds on opening day, people queued from 3.30am, trust me, this hotel will be busy as hell, there are people from all over the world with plenty of cash, not just Californians Grace

  9. The question I have is are guests going to have their own private time to Galaxy’s Edge when other guests are in the park? Couldn’t somebody who’s staying at the hotel easily just sneak out to the rest of the park if it’s open to everyone when they go?

  10. They should have just made a star wars theme hotel , like wtf. Star wars Hard Rock hotel .
    2-night/3-day stay starts at $3,300 for one person, 7500 family of 5 😂😂👌

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