Staying At The Most Haunted Reviewed Hotel In The United States (24 hours)

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48 thoughts on “Staying At The Most Haunted Reviewed Hotel In The United States (24 hours)”

  1. My names Chloe so watching this is kind creepy when your talking about a girl Chloe and that photo of the girl in the back in the window actually kinda looks like me like wtaf

  2. While it is the most haunted in LA (I've been there on school trips before, totally awesome) the staff there also does play games on you and some of the stuff there is staged. Still, a lot of it is real and cool af.

  3. Yโ€™all should go to The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR. They have a ghost tour, and you can stay there (duh). I caught a face in a photo I took in the basement. Itโ€™s pretty awesome

  4. i live in louisiana and my social studies teacher told us a story about how he went here for a wedding. keep in mind he does NOT believe in ghosts or anything. he went to the wedding and nothing weird happened. but when he was leaving, someone asked him to go get their bag or something that they left upstairs. he went and grabbed it, and when he walked off the stairs the lady closed the red rope because he was the last one there. then he told the lady to leave the rope down because there was still a lady up there. he had seen a young woman wearing a big poofy dress walking around upstairs. she told him nobody was still there. he asked about the woman, and she said something like โ€œoh yeah shes always there.โ€

  5. Is it just me or does the mirror in their room form a three way contact? Like a triangle? It's pretty well known that mirrors can act like portals and having a triangular pattern with the mirrors just turns it into a somewhat highway portal.

  6. I honestly hope you do a ton more things like this in the future…that would be awesome…and i love the much longer vlogs like this one here when you do the spooky video's…keep up the great job… 100% m/ ๐Ÿ™‚

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