Staying At The Worst Reviewed Motel In Red Deer

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37 thoughts on “Staying At The Worst Reviewed Motel In Red Deer”

  1. The balls this fucker must have! He’s the type of guy who has to carry a packet of De-Icer in the winter time for when his balls freeze to the ground he’s walking on. Worlds going to end in 1 hour. “ I’m going go drive around, see what I can get up to”

  2. Alright tbh I wouldn’t rate it as the WORST motel just from seeing how it looks on video. The place is clean, the lights work, it has a working heater, the sink and bathroom look clean and new, and the room is of decent size. The chairs and slightly off smell may be a minus, but who cares when u have a fair sized bed and a modern flatscreen. And the lock on the door and window works too so that’s a plus

  3. Was absolutely astonished that I seen Red Deer in the title, pretty close too me, I’m in a smaller town about an hour away from Calgary, so surprised that you live in this area. Crazy!!!

  4. Lmao😂😂😂 yo I'm dead as hell… This shit was funny as fuck! We need more of these videos. When you Damn near got years put on you out of nowhere was hilarious but what made it more funny when you said alright lets drive around and see what else is going on.😂😂😂😂

  5. What a fucking night. Stayed at a hotel that someone might have gotten beaten up in, almost got arrested for firearm robbery, bought a homeless man some McDonalds, and then to top it all up destroy one of the wheels on your car.

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