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37 thoughts on “Stealing Time | SciFi Time Travel Short Film”

  1. It's never ending because it's looping again. everything is must go back to the beginning again and again and again again and again and again and again and forever again. Like infinity time.

  2. There are only 2 things that dont make sense to me…
    1. If molly materialized in the hot tub and came home only to be sent BACK to the hottub (The first test, sending her to the hut tub and it took her time to walk back) how could she possibly be on the couch? And its a paradox as if he takes her from the hot tub to the machine, back to the hot tub… where did he take her from originally? There is no possible way there could be a molly on the couch as the machine doesnt duplicate, it only transfers the owner back in time and some distance away.
    2. How did the bad guy know that the inventor would come back for the third time? He wouldnt have found out if he hadnt told himself, and he only told himself because he found out from himself. There wasnt an action that provoked him to go back into the garage outside of himself. Basically, he would have never gone back and couldnt have created himself, and therefor couldnt have come back to remind himself to do it. He never thought of it on his own. damn.

  3. wait so james got someone in the future to stop him from taking the device but this would not work because the very first james will do the same thing as all the james which is to take the device before howard comes back @ 12:15 but since this is the very first james he does not realize this he won't send himself back which causes the james' loop to not begin in the first place.

    great vid by the way

  4. I bet this had a higher budget than Primer. And yeah Iโ€™m claiming that itโ€™s based on Primerโ€™s concepts. But still having a higher budget for a shortfilm than an actual film

  5. You went with the single timeline theory. The multiple timeline theory is much easier to understand, in my opinion. As for the not traveling through space bit, I am not convinced that they would be on earth when they reached the other side. Planetary, solar, and galactic motion should be accounted for. Based only on the speed of the Earth orbiting the Sun, traveling one minute back in time would displace him 1110 miles away from his starting position.

  6. If he only traveled through time and not space he's end up in the vacuum of space. Not only does the planet spin, but also orbits the sun which orbits the galaxy which orbits the supercluster. WE are hurtling through space at immeasurable speeds (I'm kidding, its just really fast). We are and never will be in even the remotely same place again. Even JK Rowling knew about this fact when she created the 'time turner' that there is an 'anchor' it is attached to, to keep users fixed to the planet. And why a time turner can't go back past its creation because the anchor would also not exist and the user would end up in space…. if they are lucky.

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